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September 3, 2014

anxiety guy coaching

We all know the devastating effects that an GAD and Panic Disorders can have on those who suffer from them. But in this day and age the confusion around the first line of treatments can add to your already anxious and sensitized state, this is where I come in.

Through the 1 on 1 anxiety guy coaching program, we’re going to recognize and begin changing the mental thought processes that keep you in a cycle of panic, and anxiety.

My passion for creating a shift in people who suffer from anxiety disorders right away, comes from studying the works of Dr Claire Weekes for many years. The book ‘Hope And Help For Your Nerves’ is basically the bible when it comes to anxiety and panic. Dr Weekes believed that change doesn’t have to take months or even years, and I like to agree with her.

Change can happen in an instant as long as a person gets to the point of ‘no return,’ and recognizes that a life coping with anxiety and panic is no life at all.

The Physical Symptoms Of Panic And Anxiety Can Be Quite Detrimental To One’s Health

Unfortunately if you’re anything like I was during my own 6 year struggle with panic and anxiety, you simply are so stressed that you don’t even realize the extent of your condition or the actual impact that panic and anxiety is having on your health.

In my experience coaching people naturally through their panic and anxiety condition, the sufferer becomes so accustomed to their high levels of stress and anxiety, as well as the physical symptoms it produces, that they simply accept it as all being normal.

Nothing Could Be Farther Than The Truth

A valuable tool that I help sufferers with through my 1 on 1 anxiety guy coaching program is to not run, but begin to tune into their symptoms caused by panic and anxiety. Almost like a spy looking for their target. Conditioning the the new role of ‘observer’ rather than escape artist who will do anything to fight or flee from their troubling symptoms of panic and anxiety, helps sufferers begin to identify potential triggers in their lives.

For more infomation and to sign up visit The Anxiety Guy Coaching Page.

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