10 Ways To Overcome Your Stress Today

October 28, 2014

I want to share with you some methods in which you can work the stress out from your life. Implementing these tips would give a new lease to your life. Not only would you be able to work the current stress out, but following a lifestyle that is peppered with these suggestions can prevent future stressors from disorienting your life.


When you are stressed, you are prone to feel a lack of blood circulation in the vital parts of the body, such as your brain. This is what hinders positive responses from your body. To counter that, deep breathing exercises can work fantastically. Sit down, and inhale deeply. Let the air go all the way down, right to the lungs.

You will feel better. As soon as the air enters those tiny cells of the lungs, it is exchanged into the blood and blood begins flowing with greater vigor. There is more blood supply to the brain and you feel more relaxed. Try out various breathing exercises; there is solid scientific rationale behind them.

Accept the Stress

A lot of people find a stressful situation more daunting because they are not willing to speak up. You need to sit down and accept that you are stressed. This is a very important first step in eliminating the factor that is causing you to be in turmoil.

Speak with People You Trust

Once you have admitted to yourself that you are stressed, the next step is to open out to your near and dear ones. Who is the one you trust the most? Tell them your problems. You will find that sharing your problem always makes it lighter. Even if the person cannot solve the problem for you, the simple fact that someone else knows about it helps you be at ease.

Seek Fun and Relaxation

Though a short-term solution, finding ways and means to relax and have fun can be highly effective. Involve yourself in some activity that you like to do. Spend time with your hobby. If you like watching movies, do it. If you would rather curl up with a book, do that. Maybe a little bit of traveling or even a small vacation can help you. If this is what you need, do it. Nothing is worth staying stressed for.

Go on a Nostalgia Trip

Most times, it really helps just to look at some past photographs or videos. Look at some of these memories of your past successes or look at some party pictures or the pictures of a holiday that you had. Such things can perk you up immensely. When you see yourself enjoying with close people, the stress just seems to melt away. In fact, a lot of people get inspired when they look at such pictures. They become more cheerful and are able to think more rationally.


“Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”



Exercising is a very constructive way of beating stress. Hit the gym whenever you are stressed. In fact, if you make this a regular habit, you will find that the external as well as internal stressors do not affect you that much. Also, there is the very big advantage that you are making your body fitter. A fitter body houses a healthier mind as well.

Do Not Lose the Humor

Even if the going is tough, it does not mean that you should become all grumpy and grouchy. Do not forget how to laugh. Watch some good comedy shows or read some funny books or just hang around with your friends who like to live with a light mood. These things can perk you up immensely. If you forget how to laugh, the stress could eat you from within.

Do Not Entertain Negative Thoughts

Stress may induce thoughts such as jealousy, hatred, feeling of vengeance, a general low feeling and so on. You should avoid these thoughts at all costs. Remember that this is just a transient phase; it will soon pass away. There is no need for spoiling your way of thinking over it.

Pamper Yourself

It is a good idea to pamper yourself when you are stressed. Go to the salon and get some treatment that you would like to have. Get a massage if that’s what you like. You will find these are great stress-busters.

Do Not Over-Expect

A lot of stress comes from the fact that we tend to over-expect. We think too much about what we could get and then we let those feelings rule us. This should not happen. You should not build irrationally high expectations. Things will take their course, and you will get what you deserve in time.

I challenge you to put forth a sense of gentleness on yourself today. Giving your mind the idea that stressful thoughts just might pop up, but that doesn’t mean you must react to them in an anxious way. Also giving your body the rest it needs by taking time for yourself today in some way. You deserve it.

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2 comments on “10 Ways To Overcome Your Stress Today

  1. Denise Dec 1, 2014

    I love this post! I think you are going to help a lot of people with these tips. I am going to try a couple of these tips tomorrow morning when I get up.