TAGP 07: 3 Powerful Steps To Stop Panic Attacks Naturally

February 15, 2016

best anxiety support podcastWelcome to Episode 7 of The Anxiety Guy podcast. Today you’re going to become equipped on everything you need to know about panic attacks. How they manifest, why they manifest, and what you must do to stop panic attacks naturally. These 3 steps i’ll be talking about in this episode are quite unique, and have worked for many people worldwide. All you have to do is: believe in yourself, believe in the process, and implement the steps until they become automatic during panic attacks.

MOST people teach how to cope, not to end panic, breath… distract yourself… happy thoughts wait for it to pass…. deep breathing and distracting isnt gonna work. All you’re getting is band-aids to cover up the problem. That’s why this episode is so important, and should be listened to a number of times so that it settles in.

Soon you’ll become disinterested in your symptoms of panic, and once that happens you can live your life free of panic and anxiety again.

In episode 7 of The Anxiety Guy podcast You’ll Be Learning about:

  • The reasons for why you suffer from panic attacks
  • Why long term use of medication for panic attacks are a bad idea
  • How to stop the cycle of panic before it gets beyond your control

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8 comments on “TAGP 07: 3 Powerful Steps To Stop Panic Attacks Naturally

  1. Ted Thompson Feb 20, 2016

    I am glad to have found your podcast. There are many things that you talk about that I have never thought about trying. Thanks for the great content!

  2. Yvette Monge Feb 24, 2016

    I used to have panic attacks in large groups of people, but then I met my current boyfriend. Just having that other person there with me, that understood me, was a major help in that!

  3. Hatchowze Feb 24, 2016

    Any time that I can do something naturally, I will do it. I would prefer to not get a medication, but when I go see a doctor, that is the first thing they suggest. I think I am going to use your guidelines first and see if that works.