TAGP 112: How Your Checklist Greatly Affects Your Anxiety

April 16, 2018

“Subtracting Things From Your Life That Is Causing You Inner Chaos Is Just As Important As Adding New Things Into Your Life.”

A persons checklist rules their life either in a good way or a bad way. The problem is though that many times a person is unaware of their checklist because of how deeply stored it is in their subconscious minds, as well as how they’ve added to it through unconscious repetition.

In episode #112 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I’ll bring things to your attention that greatly affects your anxiety.

So what is a checklist? A checklist is conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns that someone goes through daily that creates their reality. A persons reality doesn’t just happen, and anxiety isn’t something that happens out of nowhere, it’s learned ways of thinking and behaving.

If anxiety has been learned it can be unlearned!

So once we recognize your checklist for the day and how you’re progressing through the day making sure your checklist is implemented, we’ll recognize how limiting these behaviours are. We can then shift a behaviour, and tap the side of something new behaviourally that may be slightly uncomfortable, but worthy of long term positive change.

An anxiety sufferer will then begin understanding that the creation of these fears was always much greater in their minds then in the physical world.

I’ve seen so many people going through the end the anxiety program be able to lessen their symptoms neurologically and physiologically simply by altering their checklist. But it does take a certain amount of courage to step into something new.

In episode #112 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we’re looking into:how it greatly affects your anxiety

  • Powerful strategies an anxiety suffer can implement in order to shift their emotions
  • The truth behind why the subconscious mind hangs onto this checklist that then greatly affects your anxiety
  • How to make the light at the end of the tunnel brighter day by day when suffering from anxiety




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5 comments on “TAGP 112: How Your Checklist Greatly Affects Your Anxiety

  1. Michael Apr 16, 2018

    Thank you Dennis for the podcast I am implementing your advice have got the elastic bands and just signed my 3 month contract. Think week I am going to be tackling two avoids on my checklist turning them into can do’s by climbing a mountain with work colleuges and flying possibly with work but definitely with the family at the weekend.

  2. mohanned Apr 18, 2018

    love u podcast dennis….one question…..been dealing with body drained energy like its compelety weak.. done full checkup all were fine..my question wht im having is new symptoms ..weak body .feel ill collapse ..doctor told me its anxiety.. i want to travel with friends but when friends mention word travel ..i feel like my body getting more weak fear comes ..feel imbalance.. maybe bcz my mind telling me something might happen outside my country…i might die…like tht.. so i want to enjoy and travell ..how do i convince my self tht wht im having only anxiety ..and how do i control my fear.. ill be on plane 8 hours..i remmber last time during my flight i was scared all symptoms were there for 9 hpurs.. so dennis i want to enjoy my life want to see the world but fear is like a chain .this new symptoms and my fear thoughts is like a devil.. i been well but all of sudden new symptoms weak body came it has ruined everything