TAGP 124: ALIGNMENT – The Missing Piece To Anxiety Recovery

July 9, 2018

“You Must Become An Energetic Match To What You Want.”

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Alignment before action leads to the progress you expect and deserve. Too many anxiety sufferers today are searching for the next best tool, and what the next piece of action might be that could help them. Without vibrational alignment many times the results aren’t favourable and the cycle of disgust and bewilderment continues.

Alignment means getting to know you and your desires more specifically. It means understanding the main principles (which I share in this episode of the anxiety guy podcast) behind alignment before action so that your nervous system and unconscious mind get the message.

When You Are Aligned, Your Actions Will Drive You Towards Your Desired State Of Being.

But if alignment isn’t met, chaos ensues in the mind, body, and energetic field. Since the unconscious mind picks up on energy field others will also pick up on your inner chaos and your outer circumstances will match your inner world. This is when we begin labelling techniques, and teachers as being wrong or not good for us.

It’s not so much that the techniques, the action, the people teaching you were wrong. It was that you hadn’t planted the seed of growth within your own nervous system. When this seed is planted it slowly gets unconsciously nurtured, and the actions that follow lead to the desired vision for one’s life. It’s a beautiful cycle that many people currently going through the end the anxiety program are experiencing in their lives.

Love Is Energy, And Energy Is Everything.

The opposite of fear is love, and only one main energy source can survive in the body. Which one is directing your life is the real question. Action without alignment = fear, which leads to lessened potential and consistent roadblocks. Love and alignment prior to action = clarity of mind and body, and when these two systems are working together there’s nothing that can stop you from manifesting your greatest desires, and overcoming anxiety.

In This Episode Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast You Will Learn:

  • The difference between alignment and action, and how it plays a big role in your anxiety recovery
  • Why the results you’re getting will always be less then your desired ones if alignment isn’t achieved
  • How you can begin shifting the way you feel starting today

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2 comments on “TAGP 124: ALIGNMENT – The Missing Piece To Anxiety Recovery

  1. I enjoy listen to your podcast I still having a problem walking across a parking lot or walking to my car. I get really shaky I have to hold on to something or have someone walk me I just hope to get over that. going to work on my clear vision and my aliment anyways always a great show dennis,,,,jeff