An Honest Look At Creating Change

April 17, 2014

You can never become who you need to be by remaining who you are. I’m all for saying affirmations and thinking positive…while you DO SOMETHING.

But just sitting back and visualizing it? That’s it?

I don’t think so.

If I want lunch, I don’t visualize a grilled cheese….I grab a pan and bread and get the butter going.

If you saw me at my kitchen table “visualizing” the grilled cheese, what do you think my chances would be of actually eating one?

Well that’s about as likely as you’ll be to accomplish your dreams by following the lies sold to you in all those nonsense books.

They make you feel real good. They give you plenty of hope. But nothing changes.

Hope is not a strategy.

I’ve realized that I’m more of a results based kind of guy. If something doesn’t actually change in my life in the area I wan,t i abandon it and look for another way of getting to my goal.

When you take a plane ride on vacation, you don’t want the pilot to visualize how to get there or to think positive…you want him to have a flight plan. A step by step way to accomplish his goal such as a plan of action.

And that’s what you need to have. A step by step plan. A strategy to learn to harness synergy, change the three foundational areas of your life which are relationships, career, and leisure in the ways you need, and get your life moving in the direction you want, fast.

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