Anxiety And Accelerated Ageing, Is There A Link?

March 2, 2015

Let me ask you a question?

Have you ever wondered about the possible connection between your anxiety, and the ageing process?

Of course you have. But in order to begin taking those first few valuable steps to free yourself from your anxiety, and hault the ageing process, it’s important to dive deeper into the issue.

Let’s get to it…

Worrying is an uneasy feeling of being overly concerned over a problem or a situation that may or may not have real influence on your present life. If you are a person who worries too much about things which are real, or unreal you get into a mental state of anxiety.

The anxiety leads to many physical and mental disorders and hence it is vital that you know how to control, and reduce your worries to lead a healthy life. When you begin getting older your body responds to anxiety in many ways, and the mind also plays an important role in enhancing the bad effects of anxiety on your body.

This cycle of worry makes your mind and body work in overdrive.

The constant focusing on the single problem makes us responsive to the destructive forces of anxiety that brings so many detrimental effects to our bodies in various ways.When you are afflicted with anxiety and the disorders connected with it, you will find that it seriously affects many life systems in your body and leads to many negative effects of anxiety such as:

  • Loss of appetite

  • Extreme tension in relationships

  • Inability to sleep or sleeping disorders

  • Poor productivity and lowered job performance

It is common to see that many of those afflicted with anxiety are known to have many bad lifestyle changes that lead to overeating, smoking too much, and use of excessive alcohol and drugs. All these add to an accelerated ageing process that has negative effects not only on your physical appearance, but also on the performance of your internal body systems.

“Prolonged anxiety will lead to various health related problems drastically reducing the quality of a persons life.”

It is perfectly normal to have little amounts of worry and anxiety in your life. When you are faced with situations that need your complete focus, worry brings your mind and body to the proper state to face the situation in a fitting manner. But when you worry too much and become a person who is a chronic worrier, then it leads to great distress and disability.

It is also very common to see many middle aged people develop a strong sense of fear as their condition becomes too irrational. They cannot focus on reality or can they have a clear mind to think and act in a decisive manner.

When these people become too tied down to their worries they begin to show physical symptoms of anxiety disorders, and the ageing process is accelerated. Many studies have found that prolonged anxiety leads to accelerated ageing of up to 6 years in their lives.


The research that has been conducted to find the relation between anxiety and the ageing process has found that people who have anxiety disorders, have shorter telomeres.


What the heck is a Telomere?


A negative effects of anxiety on the basic cell structure of your body. Telomeres are the little biological markers that are responsible for cellular ageing. These tiny bits of DNA protein that are found at the ends of the chromosomes, provides protection to them from becoming deteriorated during cell division.

These help in the preservation of genetic information and when you have short telomeres in your cells, the genetic material contained in them get lesser protection leading to premature ageing.

The shorter telomeres are one of the symptoms of premature ageing. When it comes to a person who has an anxiety disorder, researchers find that they are more than 6 years older both in mind and body than those who do not have an anxiety disorder. Thus, it is well proven that phobic anxiety is one of the most prominent of the causes of premature ageing.

If you want to avoid getting premature ageing and want to look young and beautiful even after passing middle the ages, you have to take control of your thoughts and never give place to anxiety.

Even if there are circumstances in your life that lead to anxiety never give more attention and mental focus than it is necessary and as such you can have the proper control over your mind.

Panic disorders are the result of uncontrolled anxiety. With panic disorders you must begin to control your irrational thinking process and find ways to subside your mental feelings. Creating a shift in your thinking patterns, as well as small changes in lifestyle can go a long way to curbing your panic disorder, and therefore halting the accelerated ageing process.

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2 comments on “Anxiety And Accelerated Ageing, Is There A Link?

  1. Great article…this is why meditation is very important: it helps increase Telomerase activity to help reduce the aging process.