Anxiety Attacks Plain And Simply Suck, But There’s Hope…

May 14, 2014
dealing with anxiety

Feel completely out of whack with life? You’re not alone.

If only my friends and family truly knew what it was like dealing with anxiety attacks, their respect for me would have gone up ten-fold. People who continue to deal with anxiety attacks are some of the bravest people on this planet I know, they fight the feelings of literally not being able to breath with all they have, they keep a close watch over the increased feelings of heart palpitations that resemble an oncoming heart attack, and they even go as far as to continue doing what they need to do during the day as the feelings of immense dizziness and unsteadiness kicks in, and leads them into continued fearful thoughts.


How dare they undermine the bravery of people dealing with anxiety attacks. But I want to let you in on a little secret, a secret that might shock you because of the simplicity of it. I want to let you in on the moment I stopped dealing with anxiety attacks, and began living my life the way I wanted to again. That was the moment I quit fighting back, and listening in intently/respectfully on my anxious thoughts. What simple advice though Mr Anxious Athlete, this can’t possibly be the solution to dealing with anxiety attacks there must be something more to it!

Well, There Isn’t…

When dealing with anxiety attacks, there are certain patterns/cycles that you need to take note of. Most commonly it goes like this:

1) Feeling a scary symptom of anxiety.

2) Observing the symptom of anxiety like a professional spy, no matter what you’re currently engaged in.

3) Replacing what this symptom of anxiety truly is (normal), with what your anxious mind and thoughts are telling you it is… a sign of impending

symptoms of anxiety help

Constantly ‘checking in’ on your symptoms of anxiety can be draining.


4) The symptom of anxiety becomes heightened, uncontrollable, and it’s at this point more symptoms join in on the party.

5) You look for a fast solution (anti anxiety medications), or an escape route to your ‘safe zone’ (or the emergency room in most cases).

6) In time your symptoms of anxiety calm. You are left in complete confusion (and exhaustion from the battle) and think what the heck just happened? You’ve now made a successful subconscious link between what you were doing and where you were during the anxiety attack. Which means you now fear that location, person etc and will avoid it at all costs in the future.

Truth Is, I Hated Dealing With Anxiety Attacks And So Do You

So from looking at the 6 step cycle of dealing with anxiety attacks, can you pin-point the exact step in which the oncoming anxiety attack can be heightened or stopped? Well, it’s kind of between step 2 and step 3. observing the symptom of anxiety for a short time is fine, the fearful and anxious thoughts when dealing with anxiety attacks are also fine (because you can’t completely turn those thoughts off at the moment). It’s at that crucial stage that your, what I like to call experienced self must kick in. The part of you that has gone through all this before, and has come out on the other side maybe a little rattled and exhausted but unharmed.

So What Is The Main Ingredient Within You That Needs To Be Nurtured To Stop Anxiety Attacks Naturally And Quickly?


Without going any further I will leave you with that. Understand this post completely if you are currently dealing with anxiety attacks, it is everything you need to hear right now…

Are you currently dealing with anxiety attacks? If so share your experiences  of what’s working and what’s not with our community in the comment section.

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