Anxiety Due To What Someone Said?

January 25, 2014


Not everyone’s opinion of you or something you’ve done should be taken seriously, and certainly shouldn’t put you in an anxious state. In a moment of sadness and confusion due to what someone might have said to you, it’s easy to forget that an opinion is simply that…just an opinion!

I write many posts as the anxious athlete but remember…these are just my opinions from my own personal experiences!

One rule to live by is this… Question everything.

The end the anxiety program is the difference between coping and stopping your social anxiety, time to take control…

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8 comments on “Anxiety Due To What Someone Said?

  1. May I use the picture and verse as a picture on my blog, if I credit you and link back to this blog?

    • Of course, don’t even ask Deb 🙂

      • Thank you. Another blogger’s comment to me recently sent me into a downward fall that I’ve yet to recover from. This will help me each time I look at my blog and perhaps give others cause to pause (paws?) before posting hurtful things. Thanks so much!!

        • Hey! How well do you know this blogger? How has this person contributed to your life in a positive way? There are many questions you need to ask yourself to justify whether or not this persons comments should be taken seriously. Choose wisely Deb 🙂

  2. How about writing down what someone said to you that caused you anxiety and try and mix the words up into a different sentence or sentences that make you feel less anxious or not anxious at all? Try and turn it into something positive instead

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