TAGP 95: Testing vs Practicing Your New Anxiety Free Identity

December 18, 2017

living an anxiety free life

“Testing Is Directly Associated With Expectancy, Practicing Is Directly Associated With Acceptance And Understanding.”

Imagine for a second someone gets some great news on a new technique or a way to see their challenges, implements it, and realizes quickly that it didn’t work. This person begins to go into self victimization and conjures up all the reasons for why their struggles are far and away more challenging than anyone else’s.

Welcome To My 6 Year Struggle With An Anxiety Disorder A Few Years Back

The power is in the mindset, in your approach to everyday living and your journey to becoming anxiety free. Identity means who you are and what you believe you deserve. To become anxiety free means to shift your identity, even in the face of disapproval by your friends, family, and society (a very real possibility, even if it’s a positive change).

When we begin taking a new stance towards the strategy we have to become anxiety free, we lighten the weight on our shoulders. We also eliminate the need for change right now, and create a deeper sense of self love and gentleness. These are the tools we need for an anxiety free lifestyle, and it certainly won’t manifest overnight.

Many Anxiety Sufferers Unconsciously Reject Progress And An Anxiety Free Lifestyle Because Of The Unfamiliarity Factor, Coupled With Fear Of Judgement By Others

So in episode #95 of the anxiety guy podcast I want to take you into a world of the proper mindset so that becoming anxiety free isn’t just a dream anymore, it’s a realistic and achiveable goal. The more you begin seeing the opportunities to practice the new belief systems, physiology, and words that this new anxiety free identity comes with, the faster this becomes a reality.

In episode #95 I’m taking you deep into:

  • How most anxiety sufferers sabotage their progress
  • Why it’s so difficult for them to make that firm decision to change their lives
  • How to apply the right mindset to begin seeing positive change today

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