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All great anxiety success stories begin with one crucial element: a person’s mindset. With a relentless commitment to implementing the proper guidance, your life will become effortless again.

This natural way of living comes with a deep sense of inner peace, a feeling of connectedness with other anxiety warriors, and the embodiment of true purpose.

With the help of an Anxiety Guy Masterclass, you will be well on your way toward creating the new you that you know is waiting to be revealed.


  • DATE: Saturday November 14th
  • TIME:9am – 11am PST (Vancouver British Columbia)

Masterclass Focus:

Reframing and Responding Plan for Healing Health Anxiety and GAD

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Based on the overwhelming request to have our first anxiety guy webinar be about reframing and responding, here it is. Let’s end the confusion when it comes to how we can create a powerful plan to begin and maintain healing over our inner sensitivities and anxiety. We’ll look at different reframing approaches and what suits you best, along with the latest and most effective ways to respond to irrational fear the moment it arrives.