My Top 10 Anxiety Lessons From 2017 (WITH VIDEO)

December 24, 2017

“Clarity Creates Simplicity.”

In 2017 we laughed together, we cried together, and we progressed together. It’s been an amazing journey helping so many people worldwide see that there are other ways of dealing with anxiety and other mental/emotional challenges then just the first line of anxiety treatments we find today.

Recently someone asked me at the question of ‘Dennis, I’m making incredible progress through your CBT based program, but once in a while I’m still faced with resistance, how come?’ The truth is that resistance = beliefs that are engrained within you that are so well practiced that they show up every time you think or act unfamiliarly.

One Of The Things The Mind Loves Doing, Is Automating Your Life So The Journey Is A Smooth One

This can be a problem though. Simply because there will be times when the conscious mind needs to step in, and other times where the subconscious mind needs to take over. But when it comes to resistance to your anxiety recovery provided by your unconscious mind, there really is 3 principles you must follow in order to overcome it:

  1. Dissatisfaction – You must be tremendously dissatisfied with your challenges, and stop playing the back and forth tennis match in your head where you’re sort of ready for change but not really
  2. Vision – You must create a guide for your minds GPS system through internal and external images (vision boards work well) to show it what kind of life you want to create
  3. First Action Every Morning – The most important part of the day is the first 30 minutes upon waking up. What sort of signals are you sending to your system in the am?

There’s no doubt that we all have the resources necessary within us to create any change we want in 2018. You must believe you deserve this new life! A life that has taken the lessons learned from having an anxiety disorder and to use those lessons for good moving forward in any aspect of life.

Below Is A Video I Created On The Anxiety Guy YouTube Channel For You, The Warrior, Ready To take The Lessons I’ve Taught From 2017 And Create Positive Change Starting Today. 


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