TAGP 180: 10 Qualities To Look For In An Effective Anxiety Life Coach Or Therapist

March 25, 2019

“Stop Wasting Your Time, Energy, And Money On The Wrong Anxiety Life Coach Or Therapist.”

How many times have you looked for the right anxiety life coach or therapist and came up short, sometimes very short. The bond wasn’t there, the skills weren’t provided, the understanding wasn’t present, and you lost all hope in healing your anxiety. I’ve been there and I don’t want you to make similar mistakes to me again and again, which is why I made this powerful list.

What’s the difference between an anxiety life coach and therapist?

There are many differences actually. Therapists mainly come from a logical background, a conversational approach looking to regress a client into their past childhood, and help the client find a different perspective. In my opinion it’s like throwing a Hail Mary, and hoping everything comes together in the end. The likelihood of the client desensitizing themselves from their past emotionally traumatic experiences simply by speaking about it many times takes years, and the success rate is quite low.

Of course there are also other types of therapists focusing on a less conversational approach and more of a Cognitive and Behavioural method. This is where the therapist provides skill sets for the client, as well as behaviourally challenges the client in sensitizing situations in order to systematically end their irrational doubts and fears.

An anxiety life coach is multi-dimensional, and many times comes with their own inspirational anxiety recovery story

It certainly wouldn’t be possible to generalize all anxiety life coaches in one way. But the majority of the ones I’ve met understand the limits that comes from typical anxiety therapy sessions, and look to bridge that gap with their own clients suffering from anxiety. Get ready for the most comprehensive guide for finding the best anxiety life coach or therapist.

In today’s powerful podcast episode I’ll be revealing:

  • The most effective traits to look for in an anxiety life coach or therapist
  • How to find the best local or online support
  • How to prepare for your first anxiety healing session

Enjoy The Download Warrior!

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2 comments on “TAGP 180: 10 Qualities To Look For In An Effective Anxiety Life Coach Or Therapist

  1. I like that you pointed out that a therapist will be able to help a person have a new perspective in life through a conversational approach. This will be a nice suggestion to my cousin since their son developed anxiety due to the accident they were in last year wherein their car almost fell off the bridge. It might help him cope up and overcome it.