TAGP #13: Is Anxiety Numbing Your Emotions?

March 28, 2016

best anxiety support podcastCan anxiety completely numb your emotions? Make you feel like emotions of any kind are a bad thing, and might cause more panic and anxiety? Absolutely. 

What you need to truly understand though, is that emotions that are positive shouldn’t be pushed away. You should most definitely not be afraid of the feelings of positive emotions, and the good adrenaline that it creates within you. In episode #13 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we go a little deeper into this very important topic.

What You’ll Be Learning In Episode #13 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast:

  • How to change your mindset towards your emotions around
  • How to differentiate between good and bad emotions
  • How good emotions can play a part in your recovery from health anxiety

Remember that most people teach how to cope, not to end anxiety, breath… distract yourself… happy thoughts wait for it to pass…. deep breathing and distracting isn’t gonna work, all they’re getting is band-aids to cover up the problem.

This anxiety podcast is the answer to your questions about anxiety. You don’t have to run from your emotions. Just accept that emotions are a part of your life, and that they will always be there. The more you train to follow and credit the good ones, the faster you’ll be on your road to recovery from worry and inner turmoil.

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2 comments on “TAGP #13: Is Anxiety Numbing Your Emotions?

  1. David Livingston May 23, 2016

    Another great podcast. Keep them coming and I will be a lifelong subscriber!