5 Things I Learned About Myself During My Anxiety Recovery

April 27, 2017

“Change Is Difficult At First, Confusing In The Middle, And Beautiful At The End.”

Anxiety can be a struggle, especially if accompanied by depression. It’s hard to talk about anxiety and even harder to experience it almost every day of our lives. But it is important to not give up on yourself becuase you have all the resources within to change. Listed below are 5 things I learned about myself during my anxiety recovery:

1. My perceptions about varied things were not always correctanxiety recovery help

Anxiety tends to distort reality; it can prevent you from enjoying activities and different aspects of life that you normally enjoy, as well as make it difficult for you to see the good things about yourself. The cycle of negative thoughts that accompany anxiety and depression ensures that you remain convinced that all your catastrophic beliefs are correct.

Anxiety reduces the drive towards seeing the light. If accompanied by depression, then thoughts about the uselessness of life, low self-worth, giving up hope, etc., are a constant companion. Such incorrect perceptions persist in the brain even when external evidence that contradicts the reasons for anxiety is available.

2. I do appreciate other people in my life

Anxiety can be isolating; it weakens relationships and causes you to keep away from people whom you think do not understand you or do not care about you. Hence, people feel that they do not need such people in their lives.

During my anxiety recovery, I learnt that other people and social relationships are key to successful treatment of the challenge I faced. Talking and sharing my progress and success stories (not my challenges and anxieties) with others helps break the cycle of anxious thoughts, and paved a path towards a better and more permanent resolution to the issues that triggered anxiety.

3. My feelings are not goofy, but completely valid

Most people who do not suffer from anxiety do not really understand what anxiety and depression sufferers go through. Their natural reaction is to point out that our thoughts and anxiety are irrational and illogical. And their solution is to get a grip on life, put on the happy face, and tread through! And since some sufferers do not have any factual reasons for anxiousness, there is no way to explain the reasons for anxiousness sometimes. This makes anxiety sufferers believe that their feelings are invalid.

However, during anxiety recovery, I learnt that emotions are not essentially bound to logic or facts. Even if you have the intelligence, education, job, etc. that allows you to be successful, you will still feel anxious about different aspects of life. That is how it is!

4. The past is not who I am

The struggles of the past do not define who I am. This is one of the most important lessons learnt during anxiety recovery. My experience with anxiety and associated problems did not mean that I was permanently broken. I was still intelligent, educated, and capable of handling everything that life threw at me.

5. It will all change

Anxiety is also a condition like a cold, fever, etc.; and it can also be cured with different approaches based around CBT and or NLP coaching. My anxiety recovery period taught me that the condition can be effectively treated and life is indeed like a box of chocolates, one never knows what one will get!

So if you’re currently going through anxiety recovery, give yourself some credit. Most people would rather die than to consciously think their ways through their thought patterns, challenge their belief systems, and replace their anxious behaviors. The power is within you, it’s within everyone.

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2 comments on “5 Things I Learned About Myself During My Anxiety Recovery

  1. Catherine McHugh Apr 28, 2017

    Hi Dennis, my mum passed away in Febuary last year, it’s now that I feel it more , I seemed to create the same system as when my dad passed away many years before. I tried to stop memories of my mum entering my head and when I did I would panic an sabotage the memory with a disturbing thought. I seem to create barriers , example I have a photo of my mum in the sitting room and I try to stop myself from entering the room. It’s a constant battle to look at the photo or not, I know it’s irrational. My partner has a condition called a complex fistula, which he has had for 3 years, we are constantly going to hospital, and now it’s all he ever speaks about, he does not go anywhere or do anything, except work, which can be hard for him sometimes. My daughter emergrated to Canada last October,so yes there is a lot going on. I know maybe I am magnifying everything because of how I feel. Distorting images and panicking when a memory of mum enters my head, it’s now that I miss her and also my daughter. How can I get part of your programme.