TAGP 79: The 5 Stages Of The Anxiety Trance

August 28, 2017

“The Most Common Way People Give Up Their Power Is By Thinking They Don’t Have Any.”

There was a time in my life where life went fast, painfully fast. I was in an anxiety trance and didn’t even realize it. I couldn’t feel (no emotions), I couldn’t hear (too internal), and I couldn’t see (again, way to internally focused). The anxiety trance is a seemingly never-ending journey of coping and managing to get by, but that simply isn’t good enough.

There are 4 states of the mind which are:

  • Beta – Normal awake state, busy, many thoughts, very active mind
  • Alpha – Day dreaming, relaxed, meditative
  • Theta – Deep trance, inspirational
  • Delta – Asleep, no conscious awareness

Most people during awakened hours go through life in a beta state rarely tapping into the power of the alpha, or theta. This may come as no surprise to many considering the pressures we feel from the world. We have to be the best employee, best husband/wife, father, friend, driver, time manager etc.

“I Started To Understand Myself Only When I Destroyed Myself. In The Process Of Progress And Recovery I Began To Realize Who I Truly Was.”

This sort of endless focus on being perfect everyday can make a person very imperfect. Its draining, and depletes people to the point where thinking becomes painful. For me the very thought of taking control of my life was painful, I always searched for the quick cure for my anxiety trance, health anxiety, generalized anxiety etc, with no real lasting success.

In Episode #79 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I Discuss:

  • How you got into the anxiety trance in the first place
  • Why society craves fear and drama
  • The fastest way to get out of the anxiety trance and back into fulfillment

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6 comments on “TAGP 79: The 5 Stages Of The Anxiety Trance

  1. mohanned Sep 1, 2017

    hi dennis.. i been out country one week.. i noticed i become more panicky all the time more physical symptoms i look at world with fear and my sight was like foggy or i see white smoke or vision is going.. why its bcz my mind feel im not safe ..is it bcz i was having fear before i travell tht somthing might happen to me bad.. now im back im having more fear ..when i relax on bed i have fear when im in bathroom fear with phydical symptoms.. why it becsme worse is it bcz i stumulte my nevous system and defy the fear before i travell bcz my mind was telling me if i travell i could have die .. i dint know now 24 hours i feeel panicky heart race body fatiwue ike im going to faint .

    • You feed your fears by paying attention to them internally, and respecting the emotions that come with it. This creates safety behaviours and urgency to change your state right away which is the very thing that prolongs the feeling. I hope you will partake in an actual method soon Mohanned that can take you by the hand and help you reach where you want to go rather than rely on tips and advice to get through day by day.

      • mohanned Sep 2, 2017

        thx dennis ..i realy need to find a methode .l ll look for good therapist just to hive me plan or way to follow . yes i realy get scared when i have fear and physical symptoms my thinking change ..despite i know its only anxiety i get scared as i told u dennis my mind think im endanger when im out the country ..i belive it simetimes sometimes i ignore i know wht im doing is copying not treatiing but i will do my best to find a way to not to respesct my emotions and mind .. thx again dennid

  2. Dennis Jackson Sep 3, 2017

    Anxiety trance is what no one would cheerfully want to live with. But if it comes to you, there’s the need to understand it and know how to manage it. The anxiety guy is doing a good job in explaining this anxiety thingy and proffering awesome solutions.