TAGP 67: My Anxiety Truth Unleashed (Powerful Interview)

June 5, 2017

anxiety_truth“What’s Wrong Is Always Available, So Is What’s Right.”

Get ready for the truth. The truth about growing up in an environment that breeds anxiety, and how the cycle of GAD, health anxiety, and panic disorder manifested towards adulthood.

In this powerful interview with Judi Meredith I share the very things that kept my fears and worries alive, and how scary it was to alter my anxious state.

“I Remember Thinking Of How Foreign Recovery From Anxiety Was, And How I Sabotaged My Own Success Daily.”

These are the types of interviews that I believe make the biggest difference in people suffering from anxiety. To show these warriors that anxiety recovery is not only possible, it’s your right and it happens everyday.

The problem in today’s world is we hear these labels like mental illness, chemical imbalance theories, and anxiety is in your genes so we believe the solution is beyond us.

“I Believes That’s BS, And It’s Time Positivity, Rational Thinking, And Success Stories Became Louder.”

After the tough questions in this interview by Judi Meridith I find myself getting more and more caught up in today’s mental health world, and more and more frustrated.

Remember, You Are More Than Anxiety!

Frustrated because the answer is always right underneath our noses. The knowledge, the mindset, the skill sets, and the power to apply what is learned with unwavering perseverance is what this powerful interview is about.

In The Anxiety Guy Podcast #67 We Go Deep Into:

  • How my subconscious mind accepted anxiety so early in my life
  • What kept my generalized anxiety and health anxiety alive
  • What I feared success over anxiety so much

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