Why Symptoms Of Anxiety Will Never Kill You

September 24, 2017

“Your Anxious Mind Can Only Re-Learn During Times Of Heightened Worry And Anxiety.”

Anxiety which is followed by panic attacks can make a person feel as if he/she is losing all control of his/her life and the surrounding environment, eventually making them think that their life is in danger and that they may die. During episodes of panic and anxiety attacks, a lot of questions pop into the minds, including questions like, Will I die? Will anyone near me help me? Etc.

They may also experience a variety of symptoms which is what triggers such questions. All these thoughts are a normal aspect of anxiety and panic. And the fact remains that symptoms of anxiety will never kill you.

What happens during an anxiety attack?

Let’s assume that a specific situation or an event triggers anxiety and starts the process to a panic attack. The reaction of the person to the stressor causes him/her to feel as if they have lost control. This causes the mind to have racy thoughts and increases the heartbeat. This is the beginning of the ‘flight or fight’ response of the body as it prepares to meet the incoming ‘danger.’ Soon, symptoms like increased dryness of the mouth and trembling hands occur.

Adrenaline and other chemicals start to flow across the body, thereby activating the sympathetic nervous system.

It may be noted that this system is key to the occurrence of the fight or flight response, which is an integral survival tactic in humans. This response causes different systems in the body to prepare and deal with the imminent threat; this may include increasing blood supply to regions that require it and restricting other body functions like digestion, etc.

These changes in the body eventually get noticed by the person and awareness of these changes exacerbates the anxiety. Sufferers now focus on chest tightness, shallow breathing, etc., and begin worrying more thereby making the symptoms more intense.

This can then increase the symptoms as well as the anxiety. Increased fear causes the body to increase the production of adrenaline to respond to the danger. This hard-wired normal response of the body to threats gets distorted by anxiety, thereby creating a scenario wherein reaction to that new scenario also seems like danger.

All these factors may cause the sufferer to feel as if they are going to die during the anxiety and panic attack.

However, after the episode is over, people often find it difficult to explain the reason for their strong reaction to the initial situation that triggered a reaction and then snowballed into a full blown panic attack.

The symptoms of anxiety, and panic attacks, can be scary and discomforting, but they cannot kill you even if persons tends to feel so. It is also important to note that anxiety can be easily treated with CBT and NLP, lifestyle changes like meditation, limiting alcohol intake, regular exercise, yoga, etc. Hence, it is definitely not a life-threatening condition.

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6 comments on “Why Symptoms Of Anxiety Will Never Kill You

  1. Cathy Sep 29, 2017

    I have been living with anxiety most of my young life and into adulthood but the worst of it came out when I was pregnant with my son 13 years ago. I developed an anxiety disorder and OCD. After I gave birth, it became much worse and finally when he was two I decided to go on Lexapro which saved my life. I felt normal again. I was doing well until I got pregnant again 11 years later with my daughter. I was always on Lexapro but was actually down to 5mg at the time I got pregnant the 2nd time. It happened all over again. My anxiety worsened re: health of the baby (as I had prior losses before my son). Then after the baby I had depression as well. It’s a long cycle. I’m still struggling and had to up my dose of Lexapro to 40mg which helped with the intrusive thoughts. Now I’m functioning ok but I now suffer from health anxiety for myself and my children. Trying to get back to my normal.

  2. Darran Jan 12, 2019

    If anxiety isnt a life threatening condition then why can stress kill you? Surely they create the same stress response?

    • I think presenting the idea that anxiety is a life threatening conditioning to a sufferer will only make things much worse. Also we have to really define what we mean by a life threatening condition in order to look into studies that support the answer. Life threatening as in the development of disease? Heart attack and dropping dead? In my opinion there are too many factors at play to point the finger at anxiety as being a threat to an extended life.

  3. Jose vela Apr 19, 2019

    I went doctor in march 14 going two work nite swife and got up at 1030pm feltheavy pain my back like they were pinch me and my chest pain felt hot my arm were pain my nerves tencion i got up took drink water tell my mom get me ice feel so hot pain and mom say relax so getting ready work before kick in drink 2 alive pill for pain then it hit me my heart rate went high so fast my leg were shakeing and that momente did not think felt fear death tell my mom dont feel good my heat pumping fast she tell me. Relax so call 911 pick me up ambulance and when they came my heart rate drop down slow going down and still left couse want make sure what going on went hospital check my pulse it was 115 he like little nerves not real high so doctor did ekg and xray my back and front my chest so i was witeing tell result doctor tell mem i got nothing everthing is find relax so tell them say it was panic attack or anxity tell go home relax then felt wierd since hopeing i recover off it hate it