Anxious Thoughts Running Your Life To The Ground?

March 11, 2015

You hear it everyday from some new age guru who wants to make a name for himself:

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

But I’m not so sure they do. I want to speak to the people out there who suffer from health anxiety and hypochondria. The idea that your thoughts create your reality is an extremely harmful way of thinking for you. Simply because what you feel (the symptoms of anxiety), becomes altered in your mind as a potentially physically devastating future scenario.

This is a cycle. A self destructive cycle that has two paths:

Path #1) Continue to think your thoughts create your reality, and therefore stay victim to them and your symptoms of anxiety

Path #2) Understand that your thoughts don’t create your reality, and your brain is simply wired to try and keep you safe from danger

As a society we live in constant fear. That fear is escalated by the idea of our thoughts creating our reality. We become slaves to our thoughts. But what if we began thinking another way? We can look at a thought and see it as a suggestion, rather than the end all be all of things.

Almost instantly, the mindset begins to change. A thought that brings with it a potential for more panic and anxiety, is turned into a suggestion that is simply passing by. This is how you turn a monster into a fly, this is the path to desensitizing yourself from anxiety once and for all.

So my suggestions to you are these:

  • Stop thinking that your thoughts control your life, it’s your actions that control your life not your thoughts
  • That will lead to detaching yourself from any emotions that your fearful thoughts might be creating
  • Ultimately once this new mindset is adopted, you will begin to feel like you have more power of your life

Take some time to digest this short information in this post. Understand how this applies to your life right now, and begin adopting a new way of thinking. Feeling, and acting starting today.

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2 comments on “Anxious Thoughts Running Your Life To The Ground?

  1. Randy Thills May 18, 2015

    Again, great tips! I am glad that I found your blog, it has been very helpful and it seems that you will be saving many people from the holds of anxiety.