TAGP 20: How Bali Helped Release Me From Health Anxiety

May 23, 2016

Inhealth anxiety trip to Bali episode #20 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I want to share the absolute crazy move myself and Robyn took to Bali. Having been given a decent tennis coaching opportunity in Bali, we were faced with 3 tough challenges:

  1. How would we take care of our 1 and a half year old baby in Bali?
  2. How would we get along with the locals?
  3. How the heck would I deal with my health anxiety, knowing there were no hospitals and emergency  calls possible?!?!

The third one was one that made me really anxious. Reason being I was the Hypochondriac that called the emergency guys to come save me from an impending disaster due to my panic attacks, almost on a weekly basis. It wasn’t cheap. And it kept me in my comfort zone permanently.

I could have either feared the trip to Bali greatly. Or I could look at it as the first time I could face my fears. If anxiety and panic attacks did show up, I needed to look within myself to learn how to deal with it. I needed to learn to stop running from my fears, and learn how to overcome my health anxiety once and for all.

The 3 things you will learn from this episode are:best self development tips

  • How fear CAN be faced and moved through
  • The best way to confront your deepest fears
  • How to stop coping and start recovering from health anxiety

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6 comments on “TAGP 20: How Bali Helped Release Me From Health Anxiety

  1. mohamed May 24, 2016

    very very great podcast dennis ..very inspiyring ..yesterday night while i was in bed my body starts to get completey numb tht there is no live in it…i felt o wasnt breathing like shallow.. like my soul was going to leave my body and crush in my whole body . fear comes with . truely i got scared last mintes on earth would be.. i had glass of water ..took deep breath then i started to yawn i felt relife… morning my body was frozen and fear controls me.. but i decided to put on my cloth and go to work and break tht fear ..i checked u podcast just now .. was helping too..yes like u said all people have same symptoms and thoughts i have friends have.. but they dont pay it attention so tht why thy dont develope anxiety… for me the root i think i grew up on overprotective family . family would make big story of every little thing.. plus always consider me low .. i dont know athing .people will always double cross me .. i started to have lack of confidence.. so i think tht i why my anxiety in still going is bcz lack of confidence and acquired bad habits from family which is making every single thing big.. ithink after i done full chech up my health is ok.. i have to bulid my self confidence which ill look in google to find a way to boost my self conf8dence . i know its not too late im 45 .. but if i want to cure myvanxiety i think i have to cure the root which is boosting self confidence first after beliving tht there is nothing wrong with me comes . thanks

    • Wow, I feel serious progress coming from you Mohamed please keep updating I love your posts and they inspire others.

  2. mohamed May 25, 2016

    wish all and me speed recovery ..just a matter of time and more patiens right advise from one who expeinced general anxiety is bettre than 10000 therapist never experinced it .

  3. mohamed May 28, 2016

    hi dennis.. i would ask about setback.. whts the does it mean excatly… is it that i feel im undercontrol with my anxiety and all of sudden it peaks … and i get frustrated…or .anxiety is like a wave sometimes comes in high rage then its goes down and ill have to be ready.bcz it comes in deffernt symptoms and shifts..and dennis how did you manage your self with depetsonalisation .as i checked in many websites….just ignorance and exercise and live my day is the cure..and it will remains as long as you have anxiety and fear bcz its protecting you and giving you break … third thing.. i have friend who had health anxiety and fear he overcomed it iin 2002 it was having it for 2 years . he was having fear of heart problem palpetation and fear and thinking about death . when he did checked up and told him thete was nothing wrong with him he felt relife and his anxiety is gone ..i was telling him i have same problem heart and numbness in body and actually i did alot of check more than my friend did and not only once but 3 times .and get bettre for sometime but later when symptoms shift i get doubt i say to my self there is something wrong plus negative scary thoughts comes while im sleep or alone.. my friend told me as you said dennise everybody recovers in different time and we all have deferent personality maybe u are more sensitive it takes longer time than i did to recover . soo what do you think as some one been through anxiety . thanks i hople my questions are helpfull for others .

    • mohamed May 29, 2016

      hi dennis. i did the journal .. daily event .. started my day with fear plus physical symptoms of anxiety i went out i did alot of acitivites i btoke the fear i did achieve good thing. but u know wht happend to me .. something wierd…. my fear starts to escalate chest and palpetation start to get worse . i dont know why . my journal was nice i wrote down tht i dyfied my fear and symptomns and achieved a goal.. but wht i get is more fear .. is it my subconsious is scarying me telling me massege tht im not ok . or i dont know . the opposite happend any explanation dennis thx