TAGP 29: The Science Behind Why You’re A Chronic Worrier

September 12, 2016

chronic worrier“You Were Born To Be Real, Not To Be Perfect.” 

You’re a subscriber to The Anxiety Guy podcast because life is piling up on you, and you’re looking for a way out. Am I right? The cycle of feeling unfulfilled, putting on a mask for other people, and settling for a state of mind and body that truly doesn’t sit well with you is getting to you.

You Are A Full-Fledged Chronic Worrier

18% of people in the United States population are anxiety sufferers. These are people that like you and me, once lived a care-free, abundant life. In this episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I want to show you the path you’ve taken to becoming a chronic worrier. It may surprise you. It may also open your eyes and awareness to a more conscious world. A world where you have choices, and don’t live simply through the beliefs of others.

Did You Know: I once spent 2 full weeks in a psych ward.

Yep, a tennis prodigy, a boy who had a dream of making the world a better place sent to live with people in the deepest darkest circles we can imagine. That experience taught me that we’re all susceptible to becoming a chronic worrier. But enough about me, let’s start breaking you out of the worry cycle starting today.

Here’s what you’ll be learning in episode #29:

  • The biggest reason you turn little issues, into huge problems
  • How some people seem to never fall into the worry trap
  • The quickest way out of being a chronic worrier

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11 comments on “TAGP 29: The Science Behind Why You’re A Chronic Worrier

  1. mohamed Sep 12, 2016

    very inspiring dennis.. u were talking about a good point.. i like the part when u said about worry bcz the shape of nose of losing hair……. u hit the nail yah im still worrying about it.. i got long nose my brothers and would make fun of me.. when i was younger and im losing hair too i worry .. but i think i worry so much bcz its something i took from my parents… my father would always make things bigger even my mom always exaggerating then i found my self do the same thing ..its habit which i took from them.. tht habit made me exaggerate in every situation i have experinced … later lead to depression in 1998 i had to take pills.. then panic attack in 2010 .. now i know why i got them . bcz i have becaome very exaggerated person . i make everything big .. now even with anxiety i make it bigger ..now i have to do 2 things.. accept and ignore untill anxiety leave me ..then i have to change my habit and my self .. not too late it will take time .. wish me luck

  2. sarah evanston Sep 14, 2016

    Society has us feeling that we need to be perfect at everything and, for some of us, that becomes who we are. We want perfection and that just isn’t possible. As soon as we understand that, I think that we will all live a happier life.

  3. mohamed Sep 17, 2016

    hi dennis.. have 2 questions.. first…i been talking about my anxiety and fear to my friends everyday for the last 3 years..my my questions is . one of my friends to me ..by tailkng everyday about u condition u are engrave and make u anxiety fear alive more.. he told me to stop even when ut peakss.. is it right.. u know somrtimes we need someone to assure us say tht we in good health nothing is going to happend..second..in dr weeks she said even if u accept u mood and body still bewildered..takes times bcz u changing u path now by accepting and subconsoius is feel comfortable on this state …fear worry anything new will prevent u even if its good.. so is it right .. bcz been accepting still fear physicsl symtoms are there ..is it bcz my body mood still bewilderd and subconsouis wont let me bcz he got used to live in comfort .thta is worry and fear . thx

    • True. The body takes time to adapt to the new thinking process Mohamed. When the mind calms, and finds balance, the body will follow in time.

  4. Maxwell Sep 21, 2016

    Hi Dennis,
    I have listened to a number of your health anxiety podcasts and I must say episode #29 was hugely helpful to me. Why? Because I not only realized how close I was to being a chronic worrier but also, some really helpful thoughts on how to stop anxiety suffering. Listening to your experience, you must have gone through some really difficult times but again, many people will thank you for this first rate advice on health anxiety awareness. Great podcast!

  5. Belle Sep 21, 2016


    I have a 9-5 fairly-paying job but I still find myself living frugally with some levels of life anxiety. The hard times in our lives have made us silent victims of health anxiety. Every day we have to face new “what Ifs” about our lives which make us susceptible to becoming chronic worriers. If only we can be able to recognize our little issues before turning them into huge problems as you explained. I definitely enjoy the Anxiety Guy Podcasts and will surely rate on iTunes!

    • I’m glad the anxiety guy podcast is making a difference Belle. Nice to know someone who’s overcome health anxiety and the anxious sensations.

  6. Dale Alice Sep 22, 2016

    It must have been tough for you Dennis being in a psych ward but I appreciate your honesty and solutions for healthy anxiety issues. I like this particular episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast because I once shared it with a buddy who was slowly turning into a chronic worrier. It took healthy anxiety resources such as this one to recover from unfulfilled life experiences caused by anxiety. I shall rate on iTunes to keep the podcast trail on… 🙂