TAGP 110: 4 Types Of Beliefs That Fuel Health Anxiety

April 2, 2018

“Your Reality Is A Reflection Of Your Strongest Beliefs.”

Health anxiety is a consistent state that a person finds themselves in due to a fear of physical ailments/diseases. Hypochondriacs are constantly sensitized to external information that may be a potential link to an ailment they may be holding within. In today’s powerful podcast I’ll be speaking directly towards these types of warriors.

After living with health anxiety for over 6 years and personally going through these 4 types of beliefs that fuel health anxiety, I realized that there were consistent triggers that would set me down a path of being sensitized

Today I’ll be showing you the 4 different categories of beliefs that keep health anxiety/hypochondria alive. When you can relate to the knowledge presented in today’s podcast you’ll be well on your way to desensitization.

When We Can Live Our Lives Through Facts Instead Of Emotions We Win The Battle Over Health Anxiety

I’m always touched when a fellow warrior comes to me with an epiphany. A moment of clarity, a recognition of certain patterns that were illusions that was causing their sensitive nature. It brings immense amounts of joy to my life to be able to open these people’s eyes to a new way of thinking about the very thing that’s currently debilitating for them.

It’s Truly A Magical Moment When A Health Anxiety Sufferer Has An ‘A-Ha’ Moment Over These Beliefs That Fuel Health Anxiety

The beautify is that everyone has the potential residing within them to shift their current core beliefs through CBT and NLP practices. These problem solving methods work incredibly well to isolate the core of the problem, and begin conditioning the person to see things from a new pair of lenses.

In today’s episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We dive into:beliefs that fuel health anxiety

  • Where these health anxiety triggering beliefs came from
  • How to desensitize yourself from these ways of thinking
  • Why it can be so challenging to pinpoint the causes of these core beliefs

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6 comments on “TAGP 110: 4 Types Of Beliefs That Fuel Health Anxiety

  1. mohanned Apr 2, 2018

    hii dennis … vvvv good yeh u are 100 pct right..4 core belife im having them since i was kid..i have always pay attention to people judgment ..if some one says u look pale .. u look thin..u face look tired i get affected i get frustrated i listen beilve them by time i developed fear then always panicky.. and i always think tht i will be like dad.. he had phobia he stayed jome for 30 years bcz he was scared of faint bvz he had low blood suger always he would always think he would faint he created his fear never left home. so tht why its in my mind i always think tht i will be like him.. and predicting future yes right everything u said just as like u were with me.. one tip from u dennis i need i have always feel fatuged no energy in my body and dizzy my mind keep telling its ms.. or heart problem and i check all . everything is fine .. bcz i have this symptoms i always check my blood pressure .mabye 5 timrs aday..my mind telling me its low and im scared to collaose or faint.. cgecking my bp become bad habit.. how do i stop and convince my mind my fatigued and drained body becsuse stess hormones and bring scared not low bp and ill faint .. thx

  2. brenda Apr 3, 2018

    I really needed this today, I know I have health anxiety, but on days like this what I know is overridden by my rushing crazy thoughts……thank you……

  3. brenda Apr 3, 2018

    what is ULR ? I am an older person who doesn’t a lot of things these days….

    • Brenda I believe you are referring to CBT or NLP? Both are internal problem solving methods to help people deal with thoughts, emotions, behaviours that are opposite of what they desire.