5 Reasons An Anxiety Sufferer Must Start Blogging

March 4, 2014

Tools to stop anxietyThe cycle of panic and anxiety consumes you daily, and you are currently searching for relief anyway possible. But with all the vultures out in the world trying to sell you THE cure to your panic and anxiety in a bottle, or as a miracle technique it can be difficult to find genuine help for your increased anxiety levels. Thankfully there are some very valuable tools out there such as blogging that can get you started on the right path to stopping the cycle of panic and anxiety, and get things ‘off your chest’ in a healthy way.

Reasons you as an anxiety sufferer must start blogging:

1) It helps you ‘unload’ – If you experience generalized anxiety disorder you are consumed with fearful, and irrational thoughts all day long. If you have health anxiety, you may be overwhelmed by physical sensations of anxiety such as a lump in the throat feeling or heart palpitations. Even though it may just be a temporary distraction from your anxiety at first, blogging can unload much of the restlessness and fear you are feeling.

2) Communicate and share your story with other anxiety sufferers – Think you’re alone in your struggle with anxiety? Think again, millions of people suffer from anxiety disorders. Blogging from day to day can help you release the feelings of thinking you are alone in this world, with no one to turn to.

3) Step out of your comfort zone – You may think writing is not for you and there may be a sense of fear in the back of your tools to stop anxietymind. I felt the same way when I undertook photography as a hobby to release me from the cycle of constant anxiety. How glad I am now that I stepped out of my comfort zone and can now have a hobby I enjoy, and that gives me the release I need on days that are more overwhelming than others. Remember… life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

4) Teach others through your currently hidden skills and experiences – When anxiety seems like a full time profession, it can be hard to remember the incredible skills and knowledge you have within you. Blogging will not only help you bring your skills and abilities back from deep within you, but you’ll be teaching many others ways to do new things… what a feeling!

5) Let your TRUE personality shine – You can be incredibly creative when you start a blog. You can customize your page to meet your personality, you can add photos (as much as you probably don’t want to if you suffer from an anxiety disorder right now), there are no rules! It’s like the wild wild west in the blogging world and you are in charge.

One piece of advice I have to give you if you are considering starting a blog, is to not treat blogging like the anxiety forums I’ve been running into lately. Blogging should not be used for reassurance from others, it should also not be used to dig yourself deeper into your cycle of anxiety. Blogging is a release from your anxiety condition, ask questions, share your smallest success stories, and meet new people that are also finding natural proven solutions to their anxiety filled lives. So what are you waiting for… set up an account and start blogging today!

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