TAGP 12: Who Really Is The Best Person To Ask Anxiety Advice From?

March 21, 2016

best anxiety support podcastIn episode #12 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast, I share who I think just might be the best person to ask anxiety advice from is. The answer might shock you, but that’s OK. The Anxiety Guy Podcast and this websites content are unique because it comes from someone who isn’t a mental health therapist or a doctor.

This Podcast And This Site Is From Someone Who’s Been In Your Anxious Shoes, And Has Come Out The Other Side!

I think it’s important to tell you, the health anxiety or panic attack sufferer two things:

#1) To make sure you get no more ‘sugar coating’ when it comes to your anxiety. Because I know how so many people have so much advice when it comes to anxiety, but have no clue what it’s about

#2) Stop coping with your symptoms of anxiety, and start targeting the root cause of your anxiety

Life isn’t meant to be lived with anxiety. Life is meant to be lived with a clear, and calm, productive mind. That is what The Anxiety Guy Podcast is about. The best thing you can take from today’s episode, is to have an open mind. Forget what you’ve heard. Forget everything. Start over.

Begin accepting yourself, no, loving yourself! Begin accepting that what you are dealing with, is completely related to anxiety and strictly a mental health challenge, nothing more.

I challenge you to take in each and every episode in The Anxiety Guy Podcast. To understand it. To allow each episode to show you a new direction. A direction that only promotes natural ways to overcome anxiety. With that in mind, let’s get to episode #12.

In Episode #12 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast You Will Learn:

  • The importance of questioning everything, and doing your own research to overcome anxiety
  • Who the best person is to get anxiety advice from
  • Why you’re stronger than you think you are

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6 comments on “TAGP 12: Who Really Is The Best Person To Ask Anxiety Advice From?

  1. Mark Hansen Mar 27, 2016

    You make some real good points. I guess the person that I would expect the best advice from would be someone that has it and might have been able to live with it for years. Your story is a great one and one that many can learn from in my opinion.

  2. Vanessa Nichols Mar 27, 2016

    I have seen a lot of people “sugar coat” things for a friend with anxiety and even though I never agreed to it, I do not think it is right.

    • True, and it may be all they know as far as helping someone dealing with anxiety. Good for you for recognizing which anxiety advice is best.

  3. Hi Dennis,
    Thank you for making the podcasts, they’re great. I wonder if you can offer any advice for dealing with anxiety about health traveling? My concern is that I will be heading on holidays soon and we will be in areas where there are no hospitals. Hospitals have always been a safe place to me. I’m not sure why, perhaps because I grew up with a very unwell father and when we traveled, we alway had to knew where the hospital was ‘just in case’. Can you offer any advice to overcome this?

    • Hi Lee, funny you mention that because you’re basically talking about me just before my move to Bali (also in my book is the longer version of this story). Bali as you know is a very primitive place, and with my health anxiety at its peak I was in a situation. Bali was the best thing to happen to me, reason being I was able to find ways to deal with my fear, panic and anxiety other than run to a hospital or call the emergency which neither were really present there. I believe this might be a good thing for you because it forces you to look within yourself to deal with your fear head on. After the initial ‘oh my god’ feelings, you will most probably learn to deal with it automatically in time.