TAGP 260: One Perspective To Help Change Humanity And Better Our Mental Health

October 5, 2020

To better our mental health we must become aware of how we are perceiving this current situation. Humanity is currently going through some massive challenges. These challenges are coming in many different forms from a lack of connection, to a sense of losing our freedoms, to looking to do what we can to combat the current pandemic.

So what perspective must we take to better our mental health and get back to thriving as a collective?

We have options, we always do. However, sometimes the feelings we feel that lead to certain negative emotions don’t allow us to become flexible in how we think. This flexibility in thinking will begin allowing us to feel whatever it is we feel without adding to it. Soon we’ll find that one simple shift in perspective creates congruence in a few different areas:

  • Our inner dialogue
  • Our verbal communication with others
  • Our physiological state
  • The way we perceive any internal or external challenges
  • Our creative imagination
  • The way we feel about ‘bad’ situations

The subconscious mind will allow change to occur when it has sensed that effort is being put into the change work. This subconscious side of us views effort by how many times something is repeated along with the emotional intensity connected to the new perspective.

better our mental health

When these two essential components are in place any change can be made.

We will begin to find that our anxiety levels lessen and our interest in catastrophic and limited thinking subsides. We can begin to better our mental health as a collective then since one persons emotional state affects another. And since we’re all bouncing ideas between each other unknowingly your new beliefs will alter mine, and humanity can once again find inner peace.

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