Exploring How Big Pharma Is Banking on Our Fears and Anxiety

October 27, 2016

Big pharmaceutical companies are notorious for their shady marketing tactics and methods for gaining new market shares. While the general population is getting healthier and life expectancy keeps on growing, big pharma has been accused of exploiting a variety of conditions for profit. One of these conditions is anxiety.

While most people deal with various levels of anxiety, not all of these cases should call for medication. What’s worse is that many doctors are in cahoots with pharmaceutical companies who offer incentives for them to prescribe their solutions to patients. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the ways big pharmaceutical companies are baking on fear and anxiety.

Fear of Old Age

Fear of old age is extremely visceral and affects almost everyone in the population at one point or the other. For this, there is and always will be a huge market for anti aging solutions and medications that can counteract the effects of premature aging.

Hormone replacement therapy was originally marketed to women to prevent osteoporosis and reduce the effects of menopause. However, HRT was originally marketed as an anti aging wonder drug. We’re currently seeing a similar trend with human growth hormone therapy, with various pharmaceutical companies advertising it as some sort of fountain of youth.

However, hormone replacement therapy has been linked with various serious health conditions such as heart disease and cancer. To this day, HRT is still being promoted as a way for men to counter the effects of aging and keep their testosterone levels high.

Fear of Benign Symptoms

One of the tactics employed by pharmaceutical companies is creating brand new diseases out of benign symptoms. They have teams of health care lawyers with extensive knowledge of health law and policy working around the clock to find new diseases they can offer tailor made solutions for.

Most of us have been afflicted with heartburn at one time of the other during our lives. While most of us will resort to over the counter antacid medicine, pharmaceutical companies will have you believe that you’re suffering from something much more serious.

That’s how big pharma and their lawyers with health policy degrees and masters in health policy came up with a variety of fictitious illnesses such as gastroesophageal reflux disease and restless leg syndrome (look it up). Pharmaceutical companies have become masters at creating new diseases out of thin air and banking on our basic fear of falling ill.

Exploiting Child Disorders

There has been a sudden rise in medication served to children in the last few years. Scoping on a largely untapped market, pharmaceutical companies have started exploiting fears parents may have that their children may be affected with some sort of disorder.

This is how terms like attention deficit disorder have been attached to what was once considered completely natural behavior. What’s worse is that it gives pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to hook young patients early and create disorders that will necessitate additional medication later on.

Big pharma will do anything it takes to gain new market shares and they won’t hesitate to hook a whole new generation of patients in the process. Use your judgement wisely before you decide to take any new medication and make sure that you consult someone with your best interests at heart to see if any condition you may have truly necessitates medication.

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2 comments on “Exploring How Big Pharma Is Banking on Our Fears and Anxiety

  1. Britanica Nov 11, 2016

    I also have heath anxiety and I know if I actually trusted doctors, they’d have control over me too but I don’t! So I guess right there, my anxiety is helping me. I not only do not trust doctors, I am scared of them. I do however jump to the worst possibly conclusions when something in or on my body new happens. It often gives me a panic attack. I know once it passes it was just the panic, but in the midst, I kid you not, I often think I am about to die but I never call 911. I used to go to the ER for help and they couldn’t even tell me I was having panic attacks. I had to find this out from someone who isn’t a doctor. They had me thinking such bad things that they become something I fear and avoid. lol Funny how that works out.

  2. Kelly Feb 7, 2017

    My new years resolution was to give up (where possible) pharmaceutical drugs and the main reason for that was because I don’t trust them – I think this article supports my reasons. I definitely agree that big pharmas are beginning to Exploit Child Disorders – I even recall while I was at school that there were a lot of classmates that were on meds for certain illnesses. The most popular was ADHD. Many kids sold there medication on to other classmates, as the meds used to give a high – this seemed to be a huge issue in my school, and I’m sure it wasn’t an isolated issue.