HAP 14: What Your Body Is Telling You Through Health Anxiety

June 29, 2019

“Your Body And Health Anxiety Is An Effect, Not A Cause.”

Have you ever taken the time to analyze, listen, and understand what your body is telling you through health anxiety? Many times we become so caught up in trying to get rid of a bodily symptom of anxiety that we never get to the root cause of the feeling itself. A reactive life is an unconscious life, you’re literally at the mercy of your feelings and the outside world. But you deserve better.

Your body isn’t trying to harm you, hurt you, it’s trying to tell you something!

What a change in perspective. A shift from unconsciousness to awareness, and this is where healing health anxiety resides. I remember being in your anxious shoes in the past. I remember hating myself and all that came with me. I remember blaming my past and the world, and I remember having my health anxiety be a party of who I thought I was. But, I broke free of this cycle because I was given more options on what to believe, and how to see my inner challenges.

Today I provide you with a clearer understanding of what your body is telling you through health anxiety!

Because life isn’t meant to be lived in struggle, and within a comfort zone. Two places that a health anxiety sufferer mentally and emotionally lives in each day. I’m not telling you that this change in perspective over what your body is telling you will show up in a day, I mean it might, but the goal is steadily approaching your health anxiety recovery for the long term. To get to such a place of conscious awareness that anytime the old patterns want to creep in, you’re there to comfort it and guide it towards freedom.

Today on the health anxiety podcast show, we’re analyzing:

  • The signals your body is trying to tell your conscious mind through health anxiety
  • The reasons for your continued distress and health anxiety
  • The momentum that will show up in your healing journey in the next few weeks

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