What You Need To Do To Break Unhealthy Eating Habits

September 3, 2016

Late night meals, junk food, drinking pops or concentrated juice rather than plain and simple water. You may be asking what is the first step to begin breaking the habit of these unhealthy eating patterns that are leading to your mood disorders and making you feel chronically fatigued?

The answer to that lies within yourself, accepting that this is actually a problem is where it all begins. But there’s more:

Start With A Healthy And Hearty Breakfast: Skipping breakfast normally leads to mid morning snacking, which then leads to an overload of calories and sugar. This is a big reason why one third of Americans are obese. Let’s not forget the affects skipping breakfast has on your energy levels as well as those pounds you’re looking to shed, due to the fact your metabolism slows down tremendously.

What You Eat A Lot Of Is What You Crave: If you eat more sugar you crave more sugar, if you eat more vegetables and protein, you crave more vegetables and protein and so on. Discipline is the key factor that will force you to build good eating habits that quickly become a regular routine. The long term benefits will truly outweigh the temporary joyful changes in brain chemistry that comes with poor eating habits.

Drinking More Water When You Have A Craving Will Keep Cravings At Bay: Humans aren’t meant to be drinking things like soda and artificial juices, and if this is a regular habit for you that you believe is keeping you healthy and hydrated, then think again. This is mainly due to the fact that we believe all the marketing hype of these so called ‘hydrators’ that tell us how we’re doing our bodies good, when in fact it’s just adding to our overall unhealthy eating and drinking patterns.

Think of more water intake as the fuel that speeds up your fat burning efforts as well help out your skin to keep you looking amazing, and help your cells function properly.

Eating Healthy 5 Times A Day Will Regulate Your Blood Sugar: Guess what the biggest excuse is when it comes to people trying to eat more then 2 to 3 meals per day? You guessed it, time. Where do I have the time to eat 5 or even 6 meals a day you may ask? Firstly, you need to realize that an actual meal can be anything from a blueberry muffin and an apple, to a handful of almonds with a banana, to even a hard boiled egg with a fruit/veggie smoothie.

Changing your belief that a meal must fill your entire plate, and be loaded with all the major food groups will have an immediate effect on your habit of overeating, and will contribute greatly to your blood sugar levels and energy levels, but like anything else the beginning may be challenging but well it.

Doing Something To Break The Emotional Eating Cycle: Start a journal that includes your current eating habits to give you a clear picture of how things are at the moment, or partake in a new hobby that will get your mind off of eating (this works especially well in the evenings when junk food cravings are high). The most important thing is to SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS not failure, this takes planning and as mentioned earlier much needed discipline.

No more excuses, no more reasoning with yourself that it won’t be THAT bad if you indulge just a little bit!

Think about the long term affects that this change will bring and the feeling of accomplishment and confidence you will begin feeling when you begin seeing those results that you want in your life. Remember, being healthy doesn’t mean to starve yourself, just make sure you are eating a lot of the RIGHT foods.

What has worked in your life to break unhealthy eating habits? Share your story in the comment section.

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2 comments on “What You Need To Do To Break Unhealthy Eating Habits

  1. ed pierce Sep 14, 2016

    More water and eat more often, I think I can handle that. The most important part of your post for me was when you stated that you crave what you eat. Our bodies do tend to crave what we eat the most and if that is fatty, sugary foods, that is what we will end up eating whether it is good for us or not.