Bursting Your GAD Bubble And Overcoming Anxiety

December 15, 2014

Have you recently experienced what it’s like to be in the GAD bubble? You know that new perception of the world being much smaller than what it really is, that disconnected feeling between you and the world, that distorted world that is only hazy and blurry with no signs of overcoming anxiety in the immediate future.

It’s A World That Many People Live In, Going From Day To Day Feeling More Confused And Un-Attached As Time Goes On

The problem with living in the bubble of GAD and looking for a cure to overcoming anxiety is that we fight it with all we’ve got. We fight ourselves, we fight our life partners, we fight our friends and even our co-workers. We fight the bubble each and everyday and this fighting, as you very well know now, gets us no where. So why don’t we take that necessary first step toward healing and overcoming anxiety?

Why Don’t We Put Ourselves In A Frame Of Mind Of Complete Acceptance?

Simply because the GAD bubble owns you. It keeps telling you that it is a part of you, and this creation will not let go of you very easily. It’s easy to tell someone to just accept their GAD condition, and begin to overcome anxiety naturally. But the truth is it’s a little more complicated than that. It takes the ability to tip the scales in favor of the new you who is un-afraid of the unknown world of freedom. That world in itself is so foreign to someone with GAD working on overcoming anxiety that they may take 1 small step into it, and 2 steps backwards.

But To Dissolve your GAD Bubble And Begin Overcoming Anxiety You Must Take Full Control Back From Your Inner GAD Creator

Taking full responsibility and ownership of your GAD is quite freeing actually. Many people don’t understand the power of this vital first step called complete acceptance. It is actually the main approach, the spine of your journey towards overcoming anxiety. It brings with it less agitation, less feelings of disappointment in yourself, and lessened tension mentally and physically.


“This New Approach Of Complete Acceptance Goes Against All Your Past Beliefs. You Are Now Moving WITH Your Anxiety, Rather Than Fighting Against Your Feelings Of Anxiety” This Is The Path Towards Overcoming Anxiety Naturally.

Of course this new approach is easier said than done if you’ve been suffering from GAD, and working on overcoming your anxiety for a while now. This is why you must accompany this new-found belief with daily exercises that challenge you mentally, and physically. The first tool that you’ll be using each morning is a brand new ‘fresh start’ journal.

In your Fresh Start journal right down all your thoughts, your emotions, anything that you are thinking and feeling for 2 pages straight doing your best not to stop. Don’t analyze your grammar, don’t spend time on what you’ve written, just put all your thoughts on paper each morning once you’ve woken up. This simple exercise will begin the process of putting your unwanted anxious GAD run thoughts on paper, and will begin the process of complete acceptance much easier.

The second exercise involves a controlled method of breathing in the form of a guided meditation daily. Put 15 tp 30 minutes aside daily to spend on yourself as you get in touch with your deeper, less sensitized side. This guided meditation will help you when done daily. Remember, it’s not the GAD filled thought that causes you to feel the negative feelings you do daily, it’s the way you react to it. This relaxation time you set aside daily will greatly benefit you in overcoming  anxiety, and further your feelings of complete acceptance towards your GAD.


What overcoming anxiety all comes down to is a change of attitude. You must be willing to slowly put one foot ahead of the other when it comes to this new approach of complete acceptance. This puts control back in your hands, and away from your GAD creator’s hands. With this new attitude comes a new sense of clarity. Because you are slowly moving away from the frustration and confusion of having an over-anxious mindset. If I can do it, trust me, you can do it. So start this new found attitude of confidence today and begin overcoming anxiety naturally today.

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4 comments on “Bursting Your GAD Bubble And Overcoming Anxiety

  1. Walid Dec 17, 2014

    That’s seems to be a good start for ending GAD, thanks looking for more to hear from you Dennis

  2. Allen Dec 29, 2014

    Great article! Just reinforces what I have gathered from other sources thank you!