Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work To Overcome Depression?

February 19, 2016

CBT is utilized in individual therapy as well as group scenes, and the strategies are frequently altered for self-help applications. A few clinicians and researchers are more cognitive oriented, while others are more behaviorally pointed. Other intercessions combine both.

Before going for the cognitive behavioral therapy you need to recognize the advantages of cognitive therapy in addressing depression. Will it help bring you out of depression? Cognitive behavioral therapy may work in a lot of different ways. Firstly it supplies the depressed individual with a supportive counseling. This helps to ease the hurt of depression. With the assistance of this therapy the feeling of hopelessness is likewise addressed. Overall it has some capital effects on the minds of the depressed individual.


During depression the individual seems to get pessimistic. CBT helps to alter the pessimistic thoughts as well as the unrealistic expectations. Occasionally critical self evaluation may likewise cause depression. This therapy may even help you out of that. This therapy helps the individual to realize the troubles of life which are severe as well as minor.

The therapy works to formulate the positive goals of life and helps the individual to value himself positively. The advantages of cognitive therapy in depression have been recognized by most psychiatrists. Some cognitive tips you can do on your own:


The act of writing automatically puts some space between you and your damaging thought. Jotting things down allows for perspective and helps individuals detect malformed thinking more easily. If you’re in a situation where you just can’t put pen to paper, it’s recommended stating things aloud.

Figure out what’s truly bothering you. Is it merely the fact that you got a flat tire? Or is it that you dirtied your outfit while changing it? Or that you knew you required a new tire but didn’t replace it?

You may feel annoyed about the flat, disappointed that replacing it dirtied your outfit, furious at yourself for not replacing it in time. So identify the damaging themes. About failing to replace the tire: “I forever stall. I never take care of matters in time.” About dirtying the outfit, “I’m a pig. I can’t go anyplace and look alright.” Next discover distortions and replace rational reactions.


“I don’t always stall. I juggle my occupation and loved ones and execute just about everything that has to get done. “I’m not a pig. I’m generally really careful about my appearance, more so than most individuals, which is why affairs like this upset me.

Depression might be among the worst mental health conditions we know, but it’s highly treatable. Discovering what works might involve weeks or months – and occasionally even years – of frustration and heartbreak, but with the range of options we now have, your prospects are excellent.

Furthermore, we’re not helpless bystanders. The decisions we make on our lifestyles can dramatically better the odds in our favor. To those of you, who are depressed, please look for help in the for of cognitive behavioral therapy – you shouldn’t have to hurt one day longer than you have to. For those of you fighting with your treatments don’t give up hope.

A more brilliant future lies ahead.

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14 comments on “Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work To Overcome Depression?

  1. Karen Meifert Feb 20, 2016

    You know, if you are depressed and nothing seems to work, why wouldn’t you at least give this a try? I am not depressed, but know others that are and sometimes it seems they refuse to help themselves when the options are there. How to you battle against that?

    • You tell them there isn’t a magic pill or turn around for their depression, educate them, and begin asking them what are the reasons for wanting more in life. Everything starts with reasons, it’s the fuel.

  2. Mallory Davis Feb 24, 2016

    Being able to educate those that do not get what depression is and things like that would be ideal. Sometimes, that just does not work out the right way, right? After you live with a person that has depression, you really get an insight into how their mind works and that is helpful.

  3. Faciabove Feb 24, 2016

    These are good tips Dennis. You know, a lot of people cannot understand how that works. This is a great explanation.

  4. Brian Senso Mar 27, 2016

    I have been writing into a journal each week. It helps make me forget the things that are bothering me, small or large, and has really given me a reason to keep a smile on my face. thanks!

  5. Cheska J May 15, 2016

    This is effective! I am a therapist, and this is what we use for people suffering from depression or suffering from alcohol addiction. It really helps alter their thinking and let them fully understand that it’s their thoughts that affects the way they’re acting or it’s what they believe in that affects their behavior. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of coaxing and listening, but it does work.

  6. On point, Dennis! Well Said.
    On psychology disorders, I’d like to quote, “it’s never easy making neat science out of the often nebulous encounter we call psychotherapy.”
    CBT is a boon for many and the tips that you gave can truly be helpful. I started writing to overcome failure myself. However recently, there has been hope to the depressed souls from the Virtual Reality too. Many studies are going on in renowned universities to make this a concrete treatment like, Virtual Reality Treatment Program at Duke Faculty Practice. I’d like to cite an article, just in case you want to know more about these programs. —>
    CBT is an important part of psychological aid, but these new treatments should be carefully studied and made use of too!
    Thanks, Great Article!

  7. I have heard a lot about writing down your feelings. Maybe it’s time to give that a try.