TAGP 123: Cellular Memory & Anxiety – Healing Negative Emotions

July 2, 2018

“We Repeat What We Don’t Repair.” – Christine Langley

“True healing can’t happen without altering the cellular memories within you,” My mentor once said to me. I had no clue what he was talking about at the time, but later I found out that our memories don’t just get stored in our brains, but in certain cells in our bodies.

This interested me because I then needed to understand what the language of my cells were. If I couldn’t speak their language, how could I alter the memory, I couldn’t! And therefore my past emotional traumas would continue to show up through my thoughts, words, and behaviours everyday.

cellular memory and anxiety

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Your Stress And Anxiety Could Very Well Be Because You Weren’t Given The Lollipop You Wanted So Badly, When You Were 2!

Since 0 – 7 (I think more like 0 – 10) we’re the times in our lives where we were hypnotized by others in every which way. Those memories are stored, and we feel them. We may not know why we feel them but consciously we find a reason (that usually has nothing to do with the real cause), because if there’s no explanation to the feeling (conscious mind)  the unconscious mind can’t pair up what it needs to.

Pairings/associations are how the subconscious mind understands, and eventually how you understand.’ That person is a good person, that one’s bad’, or ‘ That place is a fun place but that one is a scary one,’ etc. These pairings are everything, and lucky for us no matter what our age is our associations can change.

Your cellular memory is the reference point your brain uses to decide how to respond in the here and now. 

So if you peel the onion enough, so to speak, you can truly see how your system doesn’t care much for what the information is. It just needs to connect it to something else, a label of some sort so that in future circumstances it can pre-warn you of the goods and the bad’s (this way you don’t have to learn the lessons all over again).

In today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast I’ll be sharing with you:

  • Why understanding cellular memory is crucial to your anxiety recovery
  • How to change your cellular memory using a few powerful techniques
  • How your perceptions actually shift upon altering your cellular memory

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7 comments on “TAGP 123: Cellular Memory & Anxiety – Healing Negative Emotions

  1. mohanned Jul 3, 2018

    love u podcaat dennis… one question hope y enlight me… been having wired sensatiion in my body.. i cannot describe it clearly all i can say its like i cannot feel my body .or my nerves in my entire body is dead .and wired feeling ..and off balance and dizzy cones with it…i feel tht im going to shutdown… i went to nuerlogist dud E.E G .. some test and mri i did 9 months ago.. all test are normal..i check my bp and sugar and spo2 every time i have it .. all normal.. fear comes with sensation some tiine and sonetine i fear tge sensation… did u experice tht…… medicaly im ok

    • Hi Mohanned,

      What you’re describing sounds like the freeze/collapse response which happens when your nervous system can no longer deal with the amount of heightened emotions on a daily basis. It shuts down certain functions so it doesn’t have to use up as much energy sources as it has from the past. It’s a wake up call that mentally, emotionally, and physically things must change.

      • mohanned Jul 4, 2018

        yes dennis i felt tht like breakdown..
        so is exercise like walking or doing little push up considerd to be tough for me.. wht do i have to do.. relax . get enough sleep and breathing technique enough or some light exercise like walking can help wht do u recommend and many thx for responding

        • I’d rather you find the answers in what we’re discussing, the doing and what to do’s based on the proven information already out there. What I can say is it’s time to structures your days around these things, making yourself and your well being priority #1. Take care.

          • mohanned Jul 4, 2018

            ok thx dennis.. ill put my focus on my self .body . mind .. ill do my best to relax them not putting anymore pressure it will be like respite or preoid of break .thx again

          • Very welcome.

  2. Brenda Jul 6, 2018

    Please please please help me with this anxiety!!!!!!
    Night time SUCKS for me!