TAGP 16: How To Challenge Your Symptoms Of Anxiety

April 18, 2016

best anxiety support podcastIn episode #16 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we take a deeper look into your symptoms of anxiety. Why these symptoms of anxiety continue to haunt you day after day, and what you must do to challenge them. When it comes to these anxious sensations everyone experiences different ones. They can also be quite scary as they mirror real physical problems.

Today is different though.

Today I want you to look deep into yourself. Into your rituals and routines and see what thoughts and actions are fueling your symptoms of anxiety further. In this episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast you will be heavily challenged. You’ll be stepping out of your comfort zone, and into your fears.

So by all means, if you want to continue on your path to coping with anxiety forever, avoid implementing what this episode brings with it. But if you are tired of living with anxiety, and wishing to defy your fears, then you are ready for transformation.

Remember, recovery from anxiety takes time and everyone recovers at their own speeds.

The method in The Anxiety Guy Podcast today should be approached with confidence. Anger towards your symptoms of anxiety can be great fuel towards overcoming those anxious sensations.

In this episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we’ll be uncovering:

  • The truth behind your symptoms of anxiety, why do they linger?
  • What you must do to take a path of recovery starting today
  • How to change your approach to your anxious sensations

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8 comments on “TAGP 16: How To Challenge Your Symptoms Of Anxiety

  1. Leo Henson May 23, 2016

    I have been trying to kick my depression and social anxiety with medication and regular visits to a doctor, but I do not seem to be making very good progress. Is there something more that I can do?

  2. Great effort by The Anxiety Guy Podcast, recovery from anxiety is hard and takes time. Anyone can control his/her Anxiety by using a new tool called the Lief. It is a smart patch that coaches you to breathe deeper during stressful moments. You can check the product here http://kck.st/2g9V8HZ available at a 45% discount. By the way, the sound of that episode was extremely heart touching. #affiliate

  3. thanks for this great article on beating the symptoms of anxiety. Wish I knew about this two years ago! Thanks!!

  4. mohamed Jun 18, 2017

    im being 24 hors afraid isee world in scary view.. i was checking my symptoms palpetation dizziness shaking tight vhest i was checking my bp when it rise little i get scared then it get my bp get higher.. now i develpoe fear even from going out.. so dennis how do i talk to amegdyla ..in this case now i have onstant fear .

    • Well the approach to desensitization is clear which is to catch a thought, challenge a thought (dialogue with your subconscious mind), and replace a thought. After this process turning your attention towards what you can see, feel, and hear in the outside world as your adrenaline calms. Problem is the mind needs a history of success before it accepts these new rational beliefs you’re inheriting, and this is where many people lose that perseverance. Someone to keep you accountable as far as a CBT mentor is important on the anxiety recovery journey.