3 Signs Your Child Is Suffering From Anxiety

September 7, 2017

“The Kids Who Need The Most Love Will Ask For It In The Most Unloving Ways.”

Anxiety is a common and widespread problem among adults. However, unlike children with anxiety, adults can talk about their issues and seek help when needed.

Children suffer from different forms of anxiety right from the time of their birth, often due to deficient communication or experience. It may sometimes be easy to identify anxiety in children through their clingy and/or crying behaviors. However in most cases, anxiousness in children is difficult to recognize and distinguish it from short-term instance of pain, moodiness, aggression, or a personality facet.

Anxiety in children can also be a response to environmental or external factors

For example, if the mother or father or both are anxiety ridden they will not be able to see the emotional distress in their child. Anxiety can be very frightening and overwhelming, especially if the parents do not recognize it or speak about the associated struggles. Some children may find it very hard to show their anxiety to others and hence hide it.

Children are often unable to understand their feelings of anxiety hence it is harder to detect the condition in kids. Since they cannot directly express their anxiety, parents need to look for certain signs and symptoms that can help them recognize the presence of the condition.

Listed below are 3 signs that you need to look for in order to see whether or not your child is suffering from anxiety:

1. The child suffers from physical pains

Children with anxiety usually suffer from headaches and stomach pains. Medical experts believe that emotions are often reflected by the stomach and hence have termed it as ‘second brain.

Adults with anxiety will be able to relate to the feeling of fluttering sensations and butterflies in the stomach during the ‘bad’ times. This is an act of the “second brain”, and it affects anxious children as well. The abdomen of children tends to get assaulted by pain when they are anxious or nervous. Even when such sensations are purely in the head, the sensations of real pain are actually felt in the belly region.

2. The child has constant negative thoughts

One major sign your child is suffering from anxiety is pessimism. This can be a nervous feeling of something bad that may happen to them and thinking of the worst outcome possible. An anxious child may not want to go on a holiday due to a fear of his bike (other things) getting stolen when he/she is away; or they may not want to get into a car for fear of getting into an accident.

3. The child wants perfection in everything

Children can take a long time to finish something, like drawing a picture, and that is ok. However, parents and teachers need to check whether the child is seeking perfectionism in everything. If the child destroys a picture after coloring it and starts all over again, due to a minor error in coloring, then it can be taken as an indicator of anxiety. If a child is suffering from anxiety they can also have a tendency to have a meltdown when things don’t go according to their plan.

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2 comments on “3 Signs Your Child Is Suffering From Anxiety

  1. Mitchelle Sep 18, 2017

    This is absolutely an eye opener, Dennis. I never thought of it that one of the indicators of anxiety is perfection-seeking. I have a couple of children like that in my school and I think I need to speak to their parents early enough now. Thanks so so so much for this amazing and timely information.