TAGP 105: How One Childhood Experience Kept My Anxiety Alive

February 26, 2018

“Your Past Will Always Catch Up With You Emotionally If You Don’t Deal With It.”

Could one emotionally traumatic childhood experience be enough to create feelings and thoughts of fear and self doubt within a person? Absolutely. Think of your inner system as a highly tuned recording device, and the more emotionally traumatic the experience, the deeper and more pervasive the storage becomes.

The Subconscious Mind Doesn’t Hate You, It Just Wants You To Consciously Start Solving The Problem.

In this episode of the anxiety guy podcast I want to share one particular experience I had that almost cost me and my family our lives. The experience created a connection between everything that was around me in that moment of emotional crisis, and I uncomfortably paid the price during my adult years.

Being able to relate to my story in this episode, and to pinpoint emotionally traumatic experiences growing up in your life will open your eyes to why your mind, body, and spirit system might be so sensitized to people, environment, and things today.

my childhood experience anxietyInstead Of Stuffing Those Past Experience Away And Not Dealing With Them, Today We Take A New More Enlightened Approach

A simple but powerful method you can use to begin shifting perspectives over the emotional traumas from your past therefore lessening your anxiety levels. Also in episode #105 of the anxiety guy podcast we dive into the truths behind how we structure the traumatic childhood experience into our neurology, and how it groups things around familiarity.

Life Gets A Little Simpler After This Episode Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast As We:

  • Pinpoint how your past can in fact effect your future in many ways
  • How to edit the movies of your past to fit the vision for your life
  • The best practices to shift your perspectives from trauma to neutralness

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