TAGP 192: Conscious vs Unconscious Fears Leading To Anxiety

June 17, 2019

“Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Your Conscious vs Unconscious Fears, And You’re Well On Your Way To Understanding Your High Anxiety Levels.”

Many people out there in the world become shocked, and rightly so, when anxiety shows up out of nowhere. I hear it all the time… “Dennis, it’s like I was having the best day and out of the blue the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety came over me like a blanket!”

Welcome to the anxiety guy podcast episode that will help you to understand this frustrating phenomenon much better

When anxiety rises due to fears we consciously know about we can work through them to make sure they don’t get worse prior to being in the situation. If the subconscious mind however senses a potential upcoming danger that doesn’t align with the persons conscious beliefs, it can catch a person completely off guard.

This is why applying the 20 seconds of courage rule during moments of inner conflict and distress is so crucial

The 20 seconds of courage rule demands that you begin to become dissociated from the threatening anxiety provoking situation, which become a staple towards healing anxiety. Doing this by tapping into viewpoints and perceptions over the event, as well as a change in behavioural response so that the association for that situation shifts from threatening to safe.

Conscious vs unconscious fears are similar to being able to prepare for an earthquake, or be hit with one unknowingly

The optimistic part of these fears though is that you can get to a place where they no longer cause you to react in a frenzy. If we can understand a few key principles which I’ll share with you today, life can be lived with much more faithful flow.

Get ready for an anxiety guy podcast episode full of:

  • Knowledge about the manifestation of your anxiety you won’t hear anywhere else
  • Depth in clarity that will move you closer towards full acceptance and desensitization
  • Proper and unmatched anxiety support towards your healing

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