3 Reasons to Overcome the Fear of Going Crazy

September 14, 2017

“Stop Judging The Feelings, And Start Seeing Them As Signals.”

Anxiety can make people feel as if they are going to lose their mind. The condition can be really debilitating and make people believe that something terrible is occurring or may occur in the immediate future. Anxiety attacks are a very real experience and something that affected people might find very hard to cope with.

It’s important to remember that you cannot go crazy at the blink of a moment. Losing one’s mind takes time; it may not be a comforting thought, but it is a fact. People who suffer from psychotic episodes will typically never feel as if they are going crazy as whatever crazy thing happen largely feels natural to them.

The feeling of going crazy associated with panic attacks is different from that experienced during anxiety episodes. In the case of the former, people often feel that the mind is working on its own or is failing the will of the person. Below are 3 reasons why you will never go crazy due to anxiety

1. Reality check

There is not one single instance of anyone going crazy due to anxiety. The very fact that you ‘think’ and feel as if you are losing your mind during anxiety is indicative enough of your functioning mind and you not going crazy. When people go crazy, they lose contact with reality and people with anxiety are very much in contact with reality. It can thus be safely stated that losing one’s mind simply does not occur with anxiety.

2. Naturally aware

The occurrence of anxiety symptoms may make a person feel as if they are ‘losing control’ over their lives. Anxiety is often accompanied by the fear of going crazy or doing something ‘abnormal’ when in public. This fear of losing control and subsequently institutionalization is what triggers the sensations of going crazy.

However, this also proves that you are aware of the abnormal symptoms linked to anxiety and the fact that you are aware of it is sufficient evidence of the fact that you are not losing your mind.

Anxiety does not lead to ‘going crazy’, but only with the fear of going crazy.

3. Physical symptoms

Anxiety can result in hyperventilation and affected people may feel as if they are going to run out of breath, suffocate, and die. Medically, it is not possible for a person to suffocate just because someone is feeling faint, dizzy, lightheaded, weak, or breathless. Passing out does not lead to suffocation and death. But hyperventilation can be so overwhelming that sufferers may feel as if they are going crazy.

The fact is, it still remains just a feeling and anxiety can never result in one losing one’s mind. When the triggers are removed and replaced, the body will calm down slowly, and the breathing patterns will get restored to normalcy. 

People with anxiety may sometimes feel as if they are outside their body, or they cannot control their thoughts or physical form. This is similar to symptoms of psychosis and may facilitate the belief that anxiety is a form of psychosis or ‘going crazy.’ It may however be noted that psychosis is often long term, while abnormal symptoms of anxiety are temporary.

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4 comments on “3 Reasons to Overcome the Fear of Going Crazy

  1. Kathy castleman Sep 15, 2017

    First i love he design of the puzzle you are standing in.While i never thought i wuld go crazt Dennis i did feel crazy and its an awful feeling when you have no tools to understand whats happening. Each of your posts just often amazes me that you still keep having helpfl information to share .

    • Much love Kathy such a huge part of the Facebook Tribe!

    • Hi, I’m Lillie. Not that long ago I had a bad panic attack that out me in this state of mind called Depresionalization disorder where you feel detached from your body. It sucks! You feel crazy and sad all the time and I want someone to that has this or anything to know that I’m here to talk. To bounce feelings. Facebook : Lillie kaye or Instagram : localilliee