TAGP 22: How I Recently Crushed Chronic Fatigue Fast

July 25, 2016

best self development tipsSo many of you who follow The Anxiety Guy Podcast are probably wondering where the heck is Dennis! Why did he not make any podcast episodes in the last few weeks? The truth is that I myself have recently been hit with a case of extreme fatigue that caught me totally off guard. A feeling that hadn’t been present for many years, and one I don’t enjoy much.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS for short is a feeling  of extreme tiredness and heaviness. I realized that in life we’re expected to be so many different people, and do all the jobs that come with those people well! A great father, a great employee or business owner, a provider, a this a that aaaa! We rarely take a step back and just say;

“I’m Doing The Best I Can With What I Have, And That Is Enough”

The truth is the game of life got to me, and I said to myself I would be 100 percent truthful with the followers of The Anxiety Guy so here it is. This episode will show you what I did to quickly overcome these feelings and get a better perspective as far as what was going on in my life.

Also In This Episode Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast You’ll Learn:

  • What the key ingredient is to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Why doctors know very little about CFS
  • How fatigue connects to anxiety in your life

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5 comments on “TAGP 22: How I Recently Crushed Chronic Fatigue Fast

  1. mohammed Jul 26, 2016

    hii dennis . sorry to hear u havent been well and ill.. wish u speed recovery..well i do have chronic fatigue and werid numbness sensation in my body starts fron morning untill night . but it peaks then subside but constantly numbness. .fear comes after it . palpetation and u know u mind say ohh it must be heart attack or u body is breaking down bcz of chest pain and back pain and feel to vomit ..dizzines.. everyday i have the same thing fear is the problem . the numbness has become my obsession i feel it deffernce than i used to have.. then heat sensation in my arm comes… well i went to doctor yesterday bcz its getting worse i though it could me not anxiety.. he did check up saw my mri i did last year my all tests i did month ago . he examined me . then he said .. its all anxiety .. but pins and needls he said its simething called restless numb leg… and he will give me pill for it but the rest is all anxiety.. well im not convinced of wht he said bcz i know my body when numbnesd comes all over my body i feel pins and needks in fingers then heat in arms then dizzy then racing heart..and imbalance . its all anxiety ..and as dr claire weeks said if i get scared of symptoms and bewiderment occur it will make the adrenalin produce for longer time and constantly which it will remain the symtopms and more fear . thts wht is going with me.. problem i been doing my best to become disinterest in anxiety symptoms ..maybe bcz when i wake up in morning i get to worst and high anxiety whick make me feel down.. i go to work fear develope ..i manage it .i go to gym hang out with friends still fear with symptoms coming wherever i go.. i think the frustration tht make it continue.. i did yoga ..meditatin didnt help i dont why yoga made my anxiety more worse . actually body numbness went worse and palperation become more aftee yoga. so i stopped never get proprer answer. some say its releasing negative emotioms and normal u will get anxiety..some say it stimulate nervous system .. maybe dennis u could enlight me about tht thing has anybody experince more anxiety after yoga or meditation and why.. and why my feae is getting worse no matter wht i do ..being disinterest in body symptoms or even depersonalisation sometime its hard ..i feel my mind has huge power . cannot ignore thoughtd telling me stop checking there is somethi g wrong with u.. a month ago i was in control but since i did yoga i dont know wht happend to me ..i become more aware of my body symptoms . thx dennis hope o get some answers from u be benefits for everybody

    • Hi Mohammed thanks for the question on this site first of all. What you mentioned reminds me of a time I tried Yoga at the height of my health anxiety, and unfortunately couldn’t finish the class due to dizziness and heart palms etc. Meditation and yoga I believe can be counter-productive for health anxiety sufferers simply because in these forms of relaxation, the main focus is on our bodies and our breath. For chronic sufferers this is already a great fear of ours and we keep track of our breathing and our symptoms on a minute to minute basis. These are just new ways of ‘checking in’ on our bodies, which won’t work for severe sufferers. For more mild problems with anxiety and panic I believe meditation and yoga are great, because their sensitivity is not as heightened as the others. This is why the goal of becoming disinterested in our anxiety symptoms is key so that we can bring ourselves to once and for all enjoy these great forms of relaxation. My transformation took place when I gave into the fear of death, held up a white flag and told my anxiety to do its worst if it could, and turn my focus completely on the most important things outside of myself which was family, career, helping others etc. Lose interest, create change.

      • mohammed Jul 29, 2016

        thanks dennis for your grwat post and tip.. the fear and thoughts are the main problem..when anu new symptoms hit mind think the worse senario…sometimes if some one see me wouls say u look great how come u say u have anxiety and fear 24 hours…u face doesnt look like tht.. its just like i wanted everyone to know i have anxiety and suffer…thy dont know tht im accepting and ignoring and live my life..so one they say i look good my anxiety gets worse .im doing these things u just said giving up .let death comes .. u know how fear paralyse you sometimes but good thing now i know about the second fear which makes thr cycle continue im doing my best when anxiety and fearon high level i pause not feak out and not to push them away.. but as i said after 30 days of daily yoga fear and deffernt symptoms came thr wired body numbness . some time night cannot feel my lge while in bed all came after yoga and i feel tht im not breathing just i cannot notice thr inhale and exhale.. so i stopped yoga .. any way dennis thanks so much looking forward for your next post bless u

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery my friend.