TAGP 99: A Newbies Guide To Dealing With Anxiety

January 15, 2018

dealing with anxiety podcast

“No Matter How Long You’ve Suffered Or How Severe It’s Been, You’re Always One Clear Moment Away From Freedom.”

The internet can be an incredibly overwhelming place when it comes to dealing with anxiety, especially if you’ve just recently been  hit with the news that you have an anxiety disorder. Where to turn, who to believe, what’s the best method? These thoughts can all linger in an anxiety sufferers mind so today I want to simply your journey towards anxiety recovery.

Nothing can stop someone who’s become dissatisfied enough, who has a clear and specific vision of what they want, and follows a proven method for anxiety. It’s impossible not to change! Your mind is very open to positive change, remember that. The biggest road blocks though, have to do with your subconscious mind.

The Subconscious Mind Needs A History Of Success Before It Can Fully Believe That This Is The Right Way To Think And Feel.

So it’s important to start at the beginning. To get clear on your goals for yourself in all the different aspects of your life, to begin getting clear on what’s causing your anxiety and keeping the anxious cycle going, and to begin shifting your perceptions over your current challenges. It certainly won’t happen overnight, so give yourself the time to acquire this knowledge and to understand it fully.

Soon you’ll be the type of person that can take any inner or outer challenge and modify it to fit with your new identity for yourself. Someone who’s at peace with themselves and self loving. Someone who sees themselves as deserving of overcoming anxiety and moving forward in their lives, and someone who believes their future will be different than their past.

In episode #99 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I’m going to make sure that you:

  • Come away with the clarity you need that will make dealing with anxiety easier
  • Begin seeing yourself in a whole new light
  • Understand at a deep level the unconscious factors of dealing with anxiety

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One comment on “TAGP 99: A Newbies Guide To Dealing With Anxiety

  1. Mohanned Jan 16, 2018

    Yes dinnes .those wht u mentioned are the best guide to road of recovery….i been searching for the root… its my childhood and my parents… i lived fearfull childhoold dont do this dont do tht..making things bigger.. plus my father was ocd.. and phobiac bcz u had low suger which prevent him from leaving house for 40 yeas he would fear going out and faint.his fear had control on him.. so i tnink i was watching my dad everyday complaing tht he would faint at any moment .. and he would be v obsessive with natural things.. and mom would scare me always dont go out thy will kidnapp u..things like thyt so my childhood was linked to fear .. still engraved inside me so tht why i have anxiety panic deperdonalisation ..no wander why i have anxiety normal i will get bcz wht i went through.. im following u path u statrey yes i have setbacks make me sometime frustrated but wht to do bettre than medication tht i already tried ..noy fixing anything just numbing me and makes me sleep whole day and waste of my life ..