Dealing With Anxiety And Telling Others About Your Condition

March 16, 2015

Dealing with anxiety can affect all aspects of a person’s life. Sometimes the most difficult of those aspects are the thought of telling someone else about your condition. Thoughts about whether that friend or family member will understand pop up, and the fear of being judged can weigh heavily on someone dealing with anxiety.

The feeling of someone understanding and providing support for you while you are dealing with anxiety can be a great help. Sometimes it can make all the difference between coping, and facing some of your deepest fears.

There are a few things you must consider when you want to fill someone in on your anxiety struggles:

  1. Make sure the person is trustworthy, and the supportive type – Pick the right people to explain your anxiety disorder to. The last thing you need is the kind of person that will brush you off, and tell you to simply ‘do breathing exercises’ or ‘learn to relax.’ Anyone who’s dealing with anxiety knows it goes beyond that kind of simple advice.
  2. Continue educating yourself about anxiety – When someone has some questions about what it’s like dealing with anxiety, make sure you have the knowledge to educate them right then and there. This way you’ll have a solid anxiety support group as you begin overcoming the condition.
  3. Systematically explain to them what your days are like – Don’t just tell them you have panic attacks and anxiety in the mornings. Explain to them the thoughts and actions that take place at certain times throughout the day. Give them a complete run-down of how your thoughts, emotions, and actions weigh you down throughout the day while dealing with anxiety. Remember, more detailed the explanation the better.

There’s nothing like a good support group in your circle of friends, and or family as you continue finding the path past anxiety naturally. These 3 steps will help others understand your struggles much better, and therefore can provide much better advice for anyone dealing with anxiety.

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2 comments on “Dealing With Anxiety And Telling Others About Your Condition

  1. Rambo May 18, 2015

    When I first told my wife that I thought I had this condition, I am not sure she believed me. I think that is because she was not sure what it was. Now that she has seen how it affects me, she is more in tuned to it and is more helpful than ever. Telling someone is a big step!