TAGP 94: How Cross Questions Can Help Eliminate Your Health Anxiety And GAD

December 11, 2017

“Creating Enough Doubt Around The Irrational Story Can Alter Your Path Completely.”health anxiety and gad help

During my anxiety recovery days I remember my personal mentor telling me something that to this day has made a lasting impression on me. He said ‘human beings don’t take the time to question their irrational thoughts, and that leads to problems.’ From that moment on I had a few deep realizations that I conjured up that would help my health anxiety and GAD greatly.

I realized that if we can pay great attention to one side of a story, we can also condition ourselves to listen intently onto the other side of the story

This never occurred to me during my 6 year struggle with health anxiety and GAD. I would also get emotional, in a self sabotaging way over every irrational, fear based thought I had. I beat myself up over why I thought and felt this way, and I blamed everyone from the big G, to my family for raising me in this manner.

Blaming people and coming up with excuses was easy, learning how to accept and reject a thought was challenging

So I chose the easy route, every time. Until I began to implement cross questions into my health anxiety and GAD recovery journey. Cross questions create cognitive and behavioural flexibility in a person. It gets them out of narrow minded thinking and into big picture thinking, and begins to eliminate the self doubt and fear people live with. With this said let’s get into it.

In episode #94 of the anxiety guy podcast we’re going deep into:

  • Why cross questions work so well for health anxiety and GAD
  • How one skill set learned and implemented right can change everything
  • What kept me suffering from chronic anxiety without me even knowing it at the time

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4 comments on “TAGP 94: How Cross Questions Can Help Eliminate Your Health Anxiety And GAD

  1. mohanned Dec 12, 2017

    yes dennis ,,asking these question to ourselves when on peak of anxiety will let us use our logic mind,,, but sometimes fear comes overwhelmeming adding v strong physical symptoms ,, and u know dennis fear sometimes paralyze our thinking ,, sometimes when panic and all symptoms comes i start breathing exercise sometimes it help some times not,,but i add these questions u were referimg in u podcast ,,breathing to calm me down then ask my self the question , have i ever lost control ,, ever faint,, yess its new way it will help alot thx waiting for u next podcast patinenly bless u

    • The goal here is to become less engaged in the feelings and thoughts that provoke anxiety. We can do it.

      • mohanned Dec 13, 2017

        Dennis just watched u vedio about anxiety sufferer who always afarid oh his symptoms.. and u did refarme and his father was the cause.. well excatly same with my .. my father would always obsessed about anything …like do eat tht u will get sick .. he was having hyphodlecimia which its the opposite of dibetes.. he stayed home for 35 years never go out was anticipitating tht he will faint and his suger will drop any moment . He confided in his room for years saying always i cannot go out ill faint .. i started having the same fear of going out or travel bcz i have physical symptoms like dizzy racing heart fatigue feeling losing control untill now i developed dread feeling alwayd panicky .. but i push my self out i go to work yo club but with fear and panicky edgy always..so shall i relax and reframe the events witj my father and his behavoir ..wht r steps plsss bcz i think living with my father for years with his negativtyi let me took his behavoir by the way he died 2003 thx fennis i eish u could help me with tht

  2. elvis Jan 1, 2018

    I had a panic attack while driving to work, since then its not a panic attack but some nervouseness I have listen to you pod cast which help me greatly I can’t say in words what has happend after listening it great thanks, is there anything you can add about driving?