An End The Anxiety Program Review

July 11, 2016

end the anxiety program review

“My husband is a great believer in therapeutic programs and got me the end the anxiety program online through the anxiety guy website. I have been going through a very stressful period because of work project deadlines, and started to feel uneasy and very anxious when I was at home, instead of feeling relaxed and energizing myself for the next work day.

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The end the anxiety program comes with a bountiful of information and resources. There are hundreds of audio files, which I have put on my iPod and went through them throughout the day.

There is also a lot of information on the downloadable e-books to learn more about peace and internal focusing and this was also a good starting point towards my journey for soul happiness, as I read through the material before going to bed on my iPad.

This program is definitely a great find, and something everyone with a hectic lifestyle should listen to, read, and implement to improve their lifestyle.

Carmen Andrews

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9 comments on “An End The Anxiety Program Review

  1. mohammed zaman Dec 1, 2017

    Hi Dennis your information on anxiouty is great I’ve learned a lot how to deal with the subconcious mind using the conscious mind but one thing i struggle with which i built up for years was avoidance behaviour i just finished listening to a podcast which talks about systematic desentatiton could I have some help with that if it’s possible thank you my avoidance are around having my hair cut traffic and basically places where i feel i need to escape i think it’s because of having a panic attack thank you hope to hear back from you regards
    mohammed zaman

    • You’ll need to change the meaning of the things you’re currently avoiding as the program teaches people to do. Perceptions lead to feelings, and feelings lead to beliefs. When you change the way you perceive something from it being a potential debilitating experience, to it being a more neutral one (through the way you configure it in your mind) you create acceptance of both sides of the story, rational and irrational. This allows a person to become more dissociated, more out of tune with the potential danger that could happen, a great first step. Skill set wise subconsciously you’ll want to dive deep into your imagination and create visualization exercises that involve stepping into those environments in a more empowered manner, adding attributes to the experience like a director running his own movie. Much love.

  2. Dennis can I use my android phone to view your program? Or do I need an apple iPhone?

  3. Kay jones Oct 15, 2021

    Dennis my name is Kay Jones know that is my name i I am taking your 16 week program I am on the 16th week the lessons for that week isn’t coming up the audios for thatWeek can you help with this thank you

  4. Michele Oct 17, 2021

    Can I download the programs on my iPad and iPhone new to this so not sure how to do this.