Excessive Yawning Keeping You In The Panic Cycle?

March 27, 2014


Have you ever felt like you were excessively yawning and just couldn’t get enough air into your lungs? This is incredibly common with people I work with for panic and anxiety, but it’s also a very annoying habit. A habit that begins simply because of hyperventilation and having the feeling that we just can’t take in enough air no matter how hard we try.

Excessive yawning is actually a very common symptom of anxiety and can be present even when you think you are breathing normally. In my 6-year struggle with panic disorder and the constant panic cycle I was in, I would always be told to keep up my daily exercise routine. Which was great, but funny enough my excessive yawning would always get worse when I exercised. This worrying symptom of anxiety that caused me more dizziness and frustration as time went on, led me to fear exercising and there was a time I stayed away from it completely.

The link I made up in my mind that exercise heightens the symptoms of anxiety that was yawning and dizziness, was just one more mountain I had to climb in the never-ending symptoms of anxiety I was experiencing. But the main question is, how was I able to stop the excessive yawning during the day, and especially during the time I was exercising? Simple realization that’s how. During the symptom of anxiety that is yawning, your body is telling you to basically slow down your breathing; the quick shallow breaths that you are taking in are basically causing the blood in your system to become more acidic. Belly breathing is crucial to stopping this symptom of anxiety, and can be done either lying down or standing up. Take 20 minutes spread out throughout the day, only to focus on your slow belly breathing. Placing one hand on your tummy as you breath will tell you if you’re doing it correctly, or not.

The second and most important thing you must do if you experience symptoms of anxiety such as excessive yawning and hyperventilation is to re-educate your subconscious mind on the truth of what the panic cycle is. Knowledge is crucial, and once you are convinced that these symptoms of anxiety having nothing dangerous attached to them, you begin ending the constant cycle of panic naturally.

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2 comments on “Excessive Yawning Keeping You In The Panic Cycle?

  1. That’s a good tip – I’ll give it a go this week!