TAGP 18: The 4 Types Of Fatigue Caused By Chronic Anxiety

May 9, 2016

Chronic anxiety podcast In episode #18 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast we get down to the 4 different types of fatigue, caused by chronic anxiety. This feeling isn’t just a feeling of tiredness, or sleepiness. It’s a chronic state of overwhelming fatigue that affects people with chronic anxiety daily. It affects their careers, relationships and if not dealt with even their health.

Chronic anxiety is something to be taken very seriously. The longer someone waits to deal with the issue of chronic anxiety, the more difficult the solution becomes. Through these podcast episodes you’re going to have a good grasp of what myself and many others have done to overcome their mental health issues, and get their lives back naturally.

As you probably already know about me, i’m big on natural recovery from anxiety. My goal is to inspire a whole generation to begin looking at the root of their mental health issues, and not the symptoms that accompany them. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle, and it shouldn’t be for another second. Everything starts with acceptance, and a decision to create the change you deserve. Onto the episode info…

In episode #18 you’ll be learning about:

  • The 4 different types of fatigue that are crippling your life
  • The tension eliminators that will help bring balance back to your life
  • The reasons for why you’re currently feeling the way you do

A new episode of this podcast is done every Monday, so make sure to get your updates through one of the ways below. Also, if you have any questions that need answering from someone who’s been in your anxious shoes, don’t hesitate to send me an email.

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15 comments on “TAGP 18: The 4 Types Of Fatigue Caused By Chronic Anxiety

  1. mohamed May 11, 2016

    hi thx for the podcast v usefulo.. i do have all kinds with fatigue . and it accompained with full body numnbess . i cannot feel my body whenever i step my foot on ground i xannot feel it icannot feel my body like some one have low blood pressure or low suger same symptoms.. i dont lots of check up all were ok . and its come feeling heat in my arms and pins and needls in my tores and fingerd. i been wandering whts best thing to do wether is physical exersice or rest and sleep .some website on net say do exersice some say rest i was confused . bcz feeling fatiuge and numbness body can give u an idea tht u body has no energy and tricking u .. i know its only stress hormones.. i go for a wallk everday 30 mintues been doing it for 4 months i practice tai chi for 2 years .i see no effect. maybe bcz i focus too much on my body and notiving every new sensation and u knoe anxiety can shift symptoms frim time to time making u worry and think alot . but my question does numbness related to fatigue bcz i have both ..even some times i can hold my cell phone longer my hand get tired. last day i was sittting with my friend for 2 hours i had thins feeling fatigue and numbnes i got scared how could i move now and walk .but as soon as i walked alitted i started to feel my body again . thx again just enlight me with this question

    • Movement creates emotion, and positivity. Whenever you feel your symptoms creeping up it’s a good idea to partake in something physical simply to learn to defy your fears of anxiety symptoms, and build confidence. Keep going you’re asking some great questions 😉

  2. mohamed May 11, 2016

    hiio dennis . want ask u does depersonalisation are accompained with fatigue and numbness . bcz when i do feel fatigued and full body numbnesss i get feeing unreal or world and my sound is not real. or it is just the fear or fatigue sensation makes depersonalisation to occur . thx for u podcast

    • Hi Mohamed, yes I believe depersonalization comes with fatigue and numbness. Our nervous system telling us to slow down is basically the message with depersonalization.

  3. mohamed May 13, 2016

    hi dennis. how do i educate my self with wht u said about anxiety…. is it to belive tht it wont harm me and read it is only negative energy been accumilated by years and it is being released . and to understand the physical symptoms and thoughts it is only stress hormones and by not acting upon it it will fade by itself. second about spirit fatigue can u talk about it little bit. i have 3 kind of fatigue i guess . third why im still cannot convince my mind tht im in good health .when i wake up morning its all in second numbness in body start recing heart and extra… my mind alwys active and telling mr always im going ti die at any minute. but i go out do activites but i dont feel comfortablre always on fear . thx

    • Mohamed it all comes down to habits, and rituals. The way I looked at it it was my thoughts that led to my feelings, that led to my actions (in many cases running to safety from panic). Nothing will fade by itself until you start tipping the scales towards confidence that what you experience is fully related to fear, adrenaline and anxiety. Spirit fatigue is following the path of optimism rather than pessimism. Patience in the face of small setbacks is important. You have a choice of what your routines are in the morning whether that will help your true mind or critical mind, your rituals are shaped by this. Overcoming the ‘checking in’ and what if feelings you have during activities simply means you haven’t fully given and committed yourself to the activity that you’re doing. Give in fully to the experiences, let your thoughts run wild because they are simply that, thoughts and you experience 70,000 of them daily. Train the idea of giving respect to the optimistic thoughts, and no respect to the what if thoughts.

  4. mohamed May 14, 2016

    hi thx dennis for being patient with me. i got the idea u told me before to build up facts tht nothing wrong with me like the tests i did and put it in my mind always… then not to get intersted in bodily sensatoins or thoughts then the confidencr will bulid up… im doing like this now i go out i get all sensations i talk to my self saying i did all check up im fine its only anxiety and tired mind are releasing negative energy. only one thing is i lack of.. which is patience and looking at others peoole and comparing my self with them saying are happy im not. my friends always telling anxiety is not a button on and off .. takes time to recover and always i have be patien. its ok i will take u advice and my friends i have to be more patient and not saying when will it br over. or compare my self with others. thx alot dennis

  5. Eileen Stewart May 23, 2016

    Wow, this makes perfect sense to me. It has been a long time since I have read or heard anything that just clicked in my mind like this. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Donna Norris May 23, 2016

    Very good podcast Dennis. You are really out here to help the rest of us become better people through our mental health. Thank you for that!