Fear And Anxiety Eliminator Challenge #9

April 7, 2014

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Welcome to fear eliminator challenge #9 and today we want to focus on the idea of patience. Stopping an anxiety disorder naturally take patience, but few of us ever master this valuable skill. In a world where solutions happen at the touch of a button for most problems, dealing with anxiety naturally is a whole different story. In my 6 steps to stop generalized anxiety disorder video, the 6th step as mentioned is patience. Once you begin applying natural tools to stopping your panic and anxiety, and techniques that have worked for others then it’s time to move through your anxiety day by day without judging how well it’s working. This doesn’t happen overnight, and is a skill that must be mastered. In time you will realize that you’re spending less and less time worrying about things like your symptoms of anxiety, your panic attacks, or any other worrying condition that takes control of your entire day sometimes. So practice patience today, master this skill, and soon you’ll be able to kiss your panic and anxiety goodbye.

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2 comments on “Fear And Anxiety Eliminator Challenge #9

  1. Latriya Armstead Apr 29, 2015

    I’ve been having anxiety since my mom passed away in 98 I was 19. I’ve never taken medication and has been trying to deal with it on my own. It has now gotten to the point where it’s waking me up out of my sleep with the tremors and rapid heart beat. Please help me!

    • Hi latriya. Your story is quite common actually. many people who have started to end the anxiety program quickly begin their natural recovery through anxiety. You can find more infomation Here.