Fear Of Flying – Overcoming The Fear Of Being On A Plane

June 24, 2017

“Don’t Let The Fear Of Falling Keep You From Flying.”

There are millions of people across the globe who have fear of flying. And there are millions more who find flight travels to be stressful and uncomfortable. It is a known fact that flights are one of safest modes of travelling, but fear of flying is still a universal phenomenon. The correct treatment and counseling can help overcome fear of flying and make flights an easy and comfortable experience.

Fear Of Flying Causes

Children tend to pick up their habits, fears, and other aspects of life from family members and other known adults. Thus, if a family member has a fear of flying, the child is more likely to have increased sensitivity and fear to travel via flights.

One of major contributors to the occurrence of flying phobia is Media. There is a constant bombardment of airplane crashes on TV news, movies, newspapers, books, etc., despite the fact that flight crashes are rare and uncommon. Such excessive exposure to crashes can trigger fear of flying.

People who have experienced unnatural noises, turbulence, and other problems when flying in the past are more likely to develop a fear of flying. Occurrence of more issues on future flights only helps reinforce the fear that the plane may crash.
Planes are uncomfortable. People remain crammed and seated in a chair for long hours.

The ears and head may also ache. There is limited or no scope of moving the body. Such conditions can create an ambiance and trigger anxiety and other adverse emotions which can lead to development of fear of flying.

How To Get Over The Fear Of Being On A Plane

Study about the working mechanism of planes, its design, and its high levels of security and safety features. When you learn about the varied protections against lightening damage, engine failure, turbulence, etc., that are available on planes, then it can help reduce and eventually eliminate all the fears that you may have about planes crashing.

Identify the different triggers that set off the alarm bells. Once you can isolate the triggers, find out different ways of how you can turn them off. You may consult with a therapist for effective management of the triggers and fears and different coping strategies.

Try out different strategies like listening to calming music and empowering affirmations, looking outside the window, and monitoring the behavior of staff (calm staff means there is no problem). They can help you calm down and manage fear of flying.

Go for self-exposure CBT based therapy. Among a host of options, this therapy may include sitting peacefully in a quiet place and visualizing about being on a plane and how safe it is. Such regular exposure can desensitize you to fear of flying. You can also watch videos about planes, or sit in a plane at a museum, etc. You can teach your fellow fliers on how they can help you whenever you start feeling anxious and fearful.

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5 comments on “Fear Of Flying – Overcoming The Fear Of Being On A Plane

  1. Mehwish Jun 24, 2017

    Very nice post Dennis. Please do cover the claustrophobia factor for avoiding fear of flying as well. I don’t fear the aircraft or the turbulence. It’s being confined and not able to exit at will is what’s been keeping me from flying since last 9 years. Would really appreciate your thoughts on that. Thanks.

  2. Laura Shaw Jul 8, 2017

    Fear, Anxiety are all part of human weakness and strength, but we all have phobia for different things. Make use of this article, then you feel better when flying. This actually helps me and various people, just read and apply and everything will be alright.

  3. I like how suggested studying the working mechanism of planes. It makes sense how learning about its high levels of security and its safety features could make you feel better. My nephew is going to be taking a humanitarian trip soon that will require him to fly on a plane to reach his destination. He is just very nervous about this expedition, due to his fear of flying. It could be useful for him to research the safety features of planes to help him overcome his fear.