TAGP 81: The Unconscious Fears Of Overcoming Health Anxiety

September 11, 2017

overcoming health anxiety “Overcoming Health Anxiety Means Committing To A New Reality That You Want To Live In.”

Imagine for a second that you’re trying to lose 50 pounds of excess weight. You religiously diet, exercise, and do everything by the book, but hold a belief in your unconscious mind that you will always be overweight. What will the result be? You guessed it, no progress whatsoever. Why is this the case you may ask?

Because we inherently resist anything that contradicts with how we see ourselves, how we thinking others will see us, and anything that goes against our core beliefs.

Overcoming health anxiety also has its unconscious roadblocks, and I see it daily with people I work with through the program. These unconscious fears can be altered, and you can once again create the same brain circuitry you once lived with prior to health anxiety and GAD. But you must first be aware of them, because everything starts with self awareness.

The memories that we hold onto that create pairings in our minds prevent us from achieving what we want to in this world. Most people try and change their external circumstances before changing their internal ones. Most people look for the magic pill or 1 skill set that will help in overcoming health anxiety and are gravely disappointed when something they try doesn’t work.

How Could It? You Have No History Of Success Behind This New Approach, So Why Would Your Anxiously Programmed Mind Accept?

It won’t, but we can begin to change this programming. By understanding the 4 stages to overcoming health anxiety in this episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast, and gaining a deeper understanding of your core beliefs that hang onto this cycle of health anxiety, you will be well on your way to turning your inner critical voice into your true voice guided by your higher self.

In Episode #81 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast Here’s What We’ll Be Look Into:

  • What separates overcoming health anxiety from managing health anxiety
  • How the power of your subconscious mind holds the key to living the warrior lifestyle
  • Why knowledge and imagination are crucial to overcoming health anxiety

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2 comments on “TAGP 81: The Unconscious Fears Of Overcoming Health Anxiety

  1. Rebecca Sharks Sep 18, 2017

    Woh, this is awesome!
    It’s really a helpful one here and it’s absolutely helping me get things right here. Dennis, you are just a wonderful guy; I’m glad I found you early enough.