4 Words You Use Daily That Keep You Feeling ‘Out Of Sync’

August 10, 2016

Does it feel like your thoughts, emotions and physical body are all slightly or massively out of sync?

Your negative thinking patterns lead your physical world into constant generalized anxiety, it also creates all sorts of yucky un-stimulating emotions in you, which then leads you to struggle further in important aspects such as exercising which is known now to be a very underutilized antidepressant.

Life feels like an uphill struggle, but you give yourself temporary comfort by letting yourself know that at least you went for a walk a few days ago, things aren’t THAT bad… well i’m here to tell you that they just might be in actuality, that bad.

In tennis there’s a term called ‘no mans land,’ which can also be applied to most of the world that continue to be being physically out of syncengulfed in this torturous cycle day after day. I know I was in ‘no mans land’ for years especially during my time with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

For many, life in ‘no mans land’ although uneventful for the most part, brings a sense of certainty. Certainty that things are not great, but won’t get too much worse since you know what to expect throughout the following days. The 4 words that keep people in ‘no mans land’ for much of their lives are:

It Ain’t So Bad…

“I know I have these symptoms due to anxiety, but it ain’t so bad,” or “I know my relationships with people are a little up and down, but it ain’t so bad.”

These 4 words cripples us, infects us, restricts us and I can even go as far to say that it completely sucks the life right out of us.

If you’re experiencing a feeling of being ‘out of sync’ at the moment you better give yourself an internal check up and see if ‘it ain’t so bad’ is a part of your daily thinking pattern. If it is, begin telling yourself the complete opposite starting now! Listen, I believe we all have the power to re-condition our extremely limiting beliefs. So that we can shape our futures to be the way we truly want it to be in all aspects of life.

From further educating ourselves in what we truly love, to building those broken down relationships, and so on.

I also truly believe that affirmations work amazingly well when used properly to help you get ‘in sync’, but i’m begging you to stop using that old affirmation cd that keeps telling you that your relationships are extraordinary when it fact it’s in ruins, or your weight is decreasing but you’re plain and simply… well… fat.

Why the truth you ask? Because it gets you to the point of ‘no return’ and begins turning the wheels of change in your favor.

I was a regular at the ER during my years of anxiety disorders and panic attacks, and in that time I met many truly amazing people who were literally on their death beds. In my conversations with them I realized that people truly begin living when they start dying.

When they’ve hit rock bottom and are faced with news that shake them and their loved ones up so bad, that most of them make a decision that this for them is truly the beginning. The beginning of less worry more play, less anxiety more gratitude, and so on.

This is truly a valuable lesson for us all.

That we can’t wait until we’ve hit rock bottom to get ‘in sync’ with our thoughts, emotions and physical body, we must act now. But the face of fear will be ever present as it normally is when you begin telling yourself the truth, taking action, and following through, and people are met with fearful challenges such as the fear that you won’t get to where you want to go, and a fear of the unknown world ahead of you.

When these fears become present it’s absolutely key to begin turning to the idea that these thoughts as well as setbacks will play a part in the overall process of change. But believe me, getting ‘in sync’ will ultimately lead to much needed inner peace, and that’s when we truly begin living and end the unnecessary tight hold we have on life.

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One comment on “4 Words You Use Daily That Keep You Feeling ‘Out Of Sync’

  1. Diagnosed years ago, major depressive disorder, two weeks as inpatient, many ect treatments and maintenance treatments as well. Wife and three daughters ,parents ,all supportive. As of now I take Zoloft , and Conklin as needed. Lately thing have felt out of sync to say the least. Few days off to relax my mind and try to accomplish small tasks at home. Dr is excellent. Also have tried cbt several times over the years. I am scheduled for a brain MRI to perhaps get more insight into circuits misfiring. Hope I am not experiencing early dementia. 64 years old. At times I feel a certain sense of composed self thinking and a belief my struggle will pass. But just as quick can feel catatonic, afraid and ultra self absorbed. Normally I enjoy social interactions, but can shy away for no apparent reason.