TAGP 85: The #1 Food That Contributes To Your Anxiety (SHOCKING)

October 9, 2017

#1 food that causes your anxiety“Our Food Should Be Our Medicine And Our Medicine Should Be Our Food.” – Hippocrates

Imagine eating something that you were once told was good for you, only to find out it’s been contributing to your heightened anxiety levels all along. What a realization! On this powerful episode of the anxiety guy podcast (With Special Guest Holistic Nutritionist Robyn Olsen) we dive into what this food is, and where you may be consistently getting it from.

In this powerful episode I share my confusions and realizations after a visit to a local naturopath. The naturopath shocked me to say the least, and little did I realize at the time what impact her suggestions would make on my anxiety levels. I was told that most of what I was eating, although healthy, was messing with my entire system.

The Last Place I Would Have Looked In My Journey Towards Anxiety Recovery Was My Gut Health!

But boy was I glad I did. I quickly rid myself of the foods that my system was sensitive to, and replaced it with ones that helped me. The #1 food that contributes to your anxiety is in so many things that it’s going to take a deep commitment and consciousness to replace.

Some of the foods in this category you may be highly attracted to, but again, it’s not worth the result you’re currently feeling. So let’s take this powerful anxiety guy podcast episode to shine some light on the #1 food that contributes to your anxiety, and move you one step closer to anxiety recovery.

In Episode #85 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We look Deep Into:

  • The exact symptoms you may be experiencing due to eating this type of food
  • How this food affects your digestive system and your over anxiety levels
  • How important the 2nd brain, your gut health is towards anxiety recovery

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