How Being A Fortune Teller Is Adding To Your Stress Levels

September 16, 2016

Weird title right? 

First of all let’s define what a fortune teller really is. A fortune teller (other then the kind you’re thinking of), is someone who jumps to conclusions by predicting the future. Some instances of being a fortune teller are:

  • I just know a panic attack is going to happen this evening
  • I just know my boss is going to fire me for messing up
  • I’ll never make friends, everyone I try to get close to leaves me

Fortune telling causes much of the anxiety we experience in our own lives. Most of the time we’re wrong about the outcome we’re actually predicting, but that doesn’t stop us from continuously trying to tell the future. This habit is one that can truly be debilitating, but there is a way out of this anxious cycle.

Solution: Take more time to consider all the facts, and to form your opinions

In my own personal life i’ve seen the positive effects of taking more time. More time to eat, more time to get places, more time when speaking to people, and most importantly more time to consider my answers. Considering all the facts to form your opinion will be difficult at first, But soon you’ll notice how you’ve stopped fortune telling, and started re-framing your outcomes so they benefit you.

With health anxiety for instance people become constant fortune tellers.

Even when everything may be going smooth in their lives, their links in their minds create the worst possible outcomes. This usually feeds the adrenaline cycle, and creates panic attacks. If you suffer from health anxiety it’s really important that you work on ending this habit by applying the steps mentioned above.

If I can do it, you can do it. Change can begin today, all you have to do is take time, decide, and commit.

Are you a fortune teller? Share your experiences and stories in the comment section below. 

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