Where Did It All Go Wrong For You?

February 28, 2015

Have you recently had that moment where you’re all alone with yourself either at home or elsewhere, and you thought to yourself; Where did it all go wrong in my life?

Maybe your relationships are all out of whack, maybe you chose the career from hell which at one time might have looked quite exciting, or maybe you’re just plain and simply tired of the same old daily ‘rat race.’

The rat race you know, the cycle of:

wake up tired as heck

think off all the stuff you have to put up with in your day ahead

eat something

dress yourself

get in your car and drive to work

make enough money to get by

You get the point…

Well I’m here to tell you not to be too hard on yourself because there are thousands if not millions of other people around the world that are in the similar situation. Moving through life wondering to themselves…

Is This It?

Is this really it? Well, I want to shed some light into your current situation so that we can at least get you heading in the right direction one baby step at a time, but I’m warning you… There’s a little insider work you have to put in to get the result you want.

As many of you out there already know I am a health anxiety life coach full time now. But did I ever dream of doing this for a living, and having the skills to change peoples lives sometimes in an instant? No way. I had to dig deep, I had to ask myself some very specific questions so that the universe could get out of the way, so that doors started opening up for me and my family.

Are You Still Reading This Post???

If you are I’d like to congratulate you because you are a rare breed. A rare breed you say? Yep, because many others would have scanned the first few lines, realize that they had to take action that was somewhat foreign and unknown to them, and moved on to another website. A website that involved some type of MAGIC solution to their problems. One where no effort was really needed.

Well that doesn’t exist as you may already know. So congratulations to you for continuing. Now let’s start digging deep within you so that we can get some much needed answers for your life. These answers may not pop up right away, but they will come about that is for sure.


Question #1)

Am I Truly Who I Want To Be Right Here And Right Now?

Remember yourself as a 9 year old many years back who was so creative, so fun loving, so care-free and willing to give back in a flash. Whatever happened? Things got serious didn’t they? Relationships, careers, money issues, maybe even kids all took priority over you.

I can hear you now, BUT THAT IS ME DENNIS! To that I say that may be a small part of you, but it certainly isn’t the true you. The true you puts time aside for the things your 9 year old self was interested in way back when. The true you is a creative genius that does something inspiring each and everyday that brings out a side to them that is currently hidden.

So ask yourself; ‘Am I truly Who I Want To Be Right Here And Right Now?’


Question #2)

Am I A Pessimistic Being, Or An Optimistic Being?

Why is this important you may ask? Because it’s the very thing that drives the results in your life! When we live in a world of reaction constantly, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed, under appreciated, and burned out. The mind body connection is something we are learning more about each and everyday, and the connection is very real.

So ask yourself; ‘Am I Living Consciously And Optimistically? Or Am I Living A Life Of Complete Reaction To My Physical World, And Therefore Possibly Pessimistically?’


Question #3)

How Much Money Do I Waste On Meaningless… Stuff!

Meaningless can also mean unhelpful towards your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs you know. A doughnut here, another pair of jeans there (as if you really needed another pair), a new mirror to replace the other new mirror you just bought that doesn’t make you look good enough, you get the point I’m sure.

Take a few minutes just to go over your week, and see how you can potentially save a ton of money that you’ve been wasting that has done no real good for you and or your family. If you really feel the need to spend, then how can you BETTER spend your money so that can further your goals and dreams for yourself? Maybe help you live a healthier and therefore happier life!

So Ask Yourself; How Can I Spend My Money Better, So That I Can Further Myself Physically, Mentally, Spiritually And Emotionally?



There you have it. A quick run-down of a few things you can begin exploring starting today. Sometimes we make things much more complicated than they really are, life for example. To some people life is a bore, but to others who dig deep and get the answers to the questions you’ve just read life can be a real fulfilling adventure.

Share your thoughts, ideas, and comments below…

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